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how to happy?

just my simple things to make me happy in this crazy world *though I have nothing lol*

9 ways to be happy : 1. Dare to Move on! Not stuck in bad memory / suffer #happiness

22/04/2012 06:22:26 WIB

2. Make peace with your past, so it doesn't spoil your present. #happiness

22/04/2012 06:22:41 WIB

3. Grab every opportunity come in Present, so u won't regret tomorrow or blame on your self for taking wrong decision #happiness

22/04/2012 06:24:17 WIB

4. Tired of being nice, but few people still hate you? You can't make everyone like u. Don't get sweat with that, keep smiling #happiness

22/04/2012 06:27:22 WIB

5. Time heals most everything, give the time, some time #happiness

22/04/2012 06:28:42 WIB

6. No one is the reason of your happiness, except our self, we are responsible for our happiness. #happiness

22/04/2012 06:30:27 WIB

7. Don't compare your self with others, you have no idea what the journey they have about. #happiness

22/04/2012 06:33:13 WIB

8. Stop thinking too much (otherwise it will make your forehead wrinkled). Relax, it's OK you don't know all the answers #happiness

22/04/2012 06:35:13 WIB

9. S M I L E, don't be drama queen. You don't have ALL the problems in the world. Life is adventure, enjoy all the surprise #happiness

22/04/2012 06:37:05 WIB

Freak out with bad news/ fact? Just like food, we have right to choose which one should be digest on our body, don't 'eat' rubbish #motivasi

21/04/2012 21:59:07 WIB


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