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This morning, Joan engaged in a conversation with Twitter user @stonermc, who is a big Rachel Maddow fan from Great Britain. If you've read my ABLC post "Greetings, Salon Readers!" http://bit.ly/jiKEk3 you know most of the background. One person who sent Maddow a tweet used some ugly sexual language about Rachel, and this so greatly offended @stonermcRead More
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Joan Walsh @joanwalsh
@stonermc Did you keep the screen cap of the hideous homophobic tweet? Can't believe that team is proud to hang with that. Wait: Yes, I can
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Joan Walsh @joanwalsh
@stonermc That they still include that homophobe in their high-fiving and self-congratulating is sad. His hostility to Rachel is sick.
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Joan Walsh @joanwalsh
@stonermc I naively thought people would recoil from the homophobe when he said RM just needs black you know what. But no, that's OK to say
Joan Walsh @joanwalsh
@stonermc I blocked her, and all of them. If my tweets rile them up, the kind thing to do is make sure they don't see them.
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Joan Walsh @joanwalsh
@stonermc Wow. No one chided him or cut him out of their little in-group? Aren't there some gay folks on that bandwagon? Really sad
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Joan Walsh @joanwalsh
@stonermc Hang in there, getting back to my book in which I will talk about this dynamic. They've lost the moral high ground. But that's OK
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Joan Walsh @joanwalsh
@stonermc The overlap with Andrew Breitbart's last crusade is pretty funny.
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🕸Imani Gandy Corn🕸 @AngryBlackLady 10/07/2011 16:14:13 WIB
How incredibly embarrassing for Joan, especially since I caught stonermc red-handed trying to attribute a tweet from someone I don't know (but who I assume is black?) to me. Stonermc is a liar. Nice try.
echo 'am🍑sand-y'|base64 @mpersandy 10/07/2011 23:12:16 WIB
So, Dr. Frankenstein created The Monster in a honest & well-intended effort, and has no responsibility for when it runs amok. Gotcha…
ExtremeLiberal (Jim) @ExtremeLiberal 11/07/2011 04:41:29 WIB
I was mentioned in one of those nasty tweets, I don't recall stonermc prior to him/her adding my name to a tweet directed at Rachel Maddow. As soon as I saw it, I sent a tweet in response saying I do not associate myself with that asshole and blocked him/
ExtremeLiberal (Jim) @ExtremeLiberal 11/07/2011 04:43:23 WIB
her immediately. Joan Walsh says no one distanced themselves from it, bullshit, did she even check? Of course not, it fits with the narrative she's created for her book.
ExtremeLiberal (Jim) @ExtremeLiberal 11/07/2011 04:44:24 WIB
If someone can add your Twitter handle to a nasty tweet and then you become responsible for it, we've sunk to a new guilt-by-association low. Unreal!!
Scott Henriksen @ScottyBurberry 11/07/2011 09:33:47 WIB
Typical. Joan was more than willing to accept something at face value that plays into her narrative and it was served up by someone who obviously spends a lot of time searching for just the perfect target to sell it to. That's what Stoner is a twitter s
Scott Henriksen @ScottyBurberry 11/07/2011 09:36:03 WIB
stalker and makes Joan an attention-addicted lazy pundit. Plus, her snark is just tired. Do it right or don't do it.
Stonermc @stonermc 14/07/2011 11:24:28 WIB
A cheap and nasty effort to post people's tweets without their knowledge or permission. So you can drag people through the mire without any comeback. You guys are just a bunch of ignorant, foolish bullies.. and i feel sorry for your 'followers'. If y
Stonermc @stonermc 15/07/2011 10:23:58 WIB
If ABL wished to have a decent, well-behaved conversation, we could have done so on twitter, though she did block me. Something she complains of to others.
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer 18/07/2011 02:35:32 WIB
Hi @StonerMC thanks for stopping by to comment. Funny, you loved the open nature of Twitter when you were seeking ppl to harass for disagreeing with Rachel.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 07:43:23 WIB
Harass, people? I Rt'd one tweet to several people to show the result of such negative rhetoric. I was insulted and attacked for it.. and I even apologised to ABL.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 07:46:22 WIB
But the insults and attacks continued. I then criticise people's behaviour and get called out for that too.. because i'm supposed to just accept being insulted and accused of racism as my lot in my life.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 07:48:14 WIB
It got so bad that I decide to give twitter a break. Then I find it's even worse, when I discover that you have taken my tweets and posted them elsewhere, here, without my knowledge or permission.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 07:54:15 WIB
And I notice that you and ABL do this on a regular basis. You and she and your minions are the worse type of people on the internet.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 07:55:58 WIB
The unfortunate thing is you don't see it. I wish you could come out of yourself and read your tweets, see your reactions to people who disagree with your point of view. See how you gather people around you who help you with your insults and accusations.
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer 18/07/2011 10:33:37 WIB
Dear @StonerMC you seem to be confused about the ownership of your tweets, perhaps you should read Twitter's TOS.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 14:59:28 WIB
I'm not concerned about Twitter's TOS. I am angry about the lack of morals and the shameless cowardice of posting people's tweets elsewhere without their knowledge.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 15:01:56 WIB
You, ABL and few others seem to make it a common practice to vilify anyone who does not agree with you. You use this site and possibly others to besmirch, ridicule and garner support.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 15:03:22 WIB
Not once I have ever seen any of you apologise for going too far in your remarks or actions. If someone calls you on your behaviour they're accused of being a whinger.. yet what are you doing here?
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 15:05:20 WIB
You are using this site to whinge about being picked on. You post other peoples tweets but I've noticed their not always in the correct order and do not show the awful tweets they are responding to.
Stonermc @stonermc 18/07/2011 15:10:51 WIB
@allanbrauer You, ABL and your minions are all snivelling little cowards.
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer 18/07/2011 21:43:48 WIB
Good morning @StonerMC. I see you're still "whinging" about me in tweet after tweet. You don't get to control how others respond to you.
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer 18/07/2011 21:44:38 WIB
If you're going to CHOOSE to enter into conversations w/strangers on the internet, they may CHOOSE to answer back in their preferred manner.
Allan Brauer @allanbrauer 18/07/2011 21:45:54 WIB
@stonermc Either put on your big-girl pants and deal with it, or refrain from engaging with strangers to tell them what you think of them.
Stonermc @stonermc 23/07/2011 21:49:53 WIB
No it seems i don't get to control how my tweets are used by you and ABL.. nice clever editing to try and make yourseleves look and also the victim of an attack, when it's usually the other way around. Cowards.
🕸Imani Gandy Corn🕸 @AngryBlackLady 09/10/2011 10:01:52 WIB
oh look! more pathetic displays of white privilege.
Stonermc @stonermc 10/10/2011 03:15:41 WIB
Each time you mention white privilege you prove your racism even more. You know nothing about me but the colour of my skin and to attack me for it, is racism. I probably came from a poorer background than you, definitely couldn't afford college or law s
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