People Respond to Adam Green, MoveOn and CREDO

Adam Green of the PCCC/Bold Progressives, MoveOn and CREDO Action sent emails to their followers petitioning Obama with threats and warnings if the anonymously sourced news stories they read about the administration's plans for SS, Medicare and Medicaid were true. Some of their followers spoke back.
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Amy Miller @ThatAmyMiller
Uh oh...looks like @AdamGreenOnline is run amok with his bold progressiveness again :)
Adam Green @AdamGreen
We don't have a messaging problem or Congress problem. We have a @BarackObama negotiating away the Democratic legacy problem.
Hercules Mulligan @johnvmoore
@vcthree @JM_Ashby yes Bold Progressives do want donations, at the end of @adamgreenonline's poutrage e-mail his punk ass asked for $3.00
#BobbysDaughter @Mama4Obama1
@AdamGreenOnline You have falsely accused President Obama too many times. You have no clue of the long term ground laying.It's all poutrage.
Cain S. LaTrans @snkscoyote
@AdamGreenOnline I've seen your spending during the last election campaign. You make Sarah Palin seem like a paragon of honesty.
Proud Nasty Woman @ObamaOyeah
@AdamGreenOnline Thanks for email. I unsubscribed - one less email to deal with from now on. How bout you try support instead of sabotage
#BobbysDaughter @Mama4Obama1
@TheScottFinley @AdamGreenOnline @BarackObama I agree but don't forget he does it to line his pockets. He loves that "Contribute" button.
DonaldTrumpIsARacist @Maggyw519
@AdamGreenOnline @BarackObama No we have an Adam Green is a sefl aserving asshole problem. There, fixed it for you.
LiberalPhenom (Obama is my president forever) @LiberalPhenom
@adamgreenonline @moveon I unsubscribed from both your email lists. Should have done it ages ago. Tired of the President Obama bashing. Bye.
Adam Green @AdamGreen
I will be on @MSNBC with @WeGotEd Schultz in 8 minutes or so. Talking Obama lameness. Was mistaken for Michael Steele by MSNBC page. Heh.
Mike Sallese @pesky9
.@AdamGreenOnline @MSNBC @WeGotEd Thanks for the reminder not to watch, Name calling? Lameness? Is that a GOP trait?
Adam Green @AdamGreen
@johnvmoore @angryblacklady ha. folks, chill out. you're giving Obamabots a bad name.
Hercules Mulligan @johnvmoore
@AdamGreenOnline @angryblacklady "Obamabots?" Very telling, the language you use. Did we get under your skin? Evidently we did. HA
Hercules Mulligan @johnvmoore
@Dave_von_Ebers @vcthree, yeah @adamgreenonline is quite the joke isn't he. Raising $$$ by attacking Obama with his POUTRAGE
Dave @D_v_E
@johnvmoore @vcthree @adamgreenonline Not to get bogged down with facts but how does anything Obama said compare to Bush’s position in 2005?
Ragnarok Lobster @eclecticbrotha
@AdamGreenOnline @johnvmoore @angryblacklady Said the smug dude who loves to spam so-called Obamabots for cash
@AdamGreenOnline Please explain how crashing the economy by agreeing to the GOP Default is better for middle class/poor than any Obama deal?
@AdamGreenOnline If u want to really play chicken w/ GOP U need to be willing to justify the harm if a GOP Default results.
carolerae @carolerae
@AdamGreenOnline You've Got a Problem b/c Your Not Admitting the Programs Trustee Report Show them Adding to Deficit/Need Legislative Fix
Lauren @lcastro6812
@johnvmoore @adamgreenonline Unreal. You'd think a progressive org would require more info b4 spamming. I unsubscribed from mailing list
carolerae @carolerae
"not sustainable" Trustees Report Summary @AdamGreenOnline Prez said in April/We Have to Pay for Programs
T @truthrose1
@AdamGreenOnline funny how people who actually support the President are attacked by progressives, go vote republican u fake
. @GN192
@AdamGreenOnline @johnvmoore If you lie about President Obama's plans for Social Security, you're a propagandist, not a progressive
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