The 1st reactions to the closure of the #NOTW

Tweets from the first hour after the News of the World closure was announced
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Following a week of revelations about phone hacking at News of the World, the closure of the 168-year-old newspaper was announced

David G Rose @DRoseMoS
BREAKING James Murdoch confirms this Sunday will be the LAST edition of the News of the World. More to come... #notw
The subeditor @subedited
Sun staff have been told they are moving to a 7-day operation #notw #hacking
AdamWestbrook @AdamWestbrook
So come on then, was there a big cheer in the @guardian newsroom when that broke?
Matt Wells @MatthewWells
Wow. I thought this story could go anywhere. But closure - that is drastic. How can Brooks stay now?
David Wyllie @journodave
Can confirm via @_JakeTucker that Sun staff have indeed moved to a seven day operation. #notw staff in the can?
fleetstreetfox @fleetstreetfox
Most of the people who lost their jobs today did not hack anyone's phone.
Marcus Edwards @c4marcus
Just spoke to Max Clifford. Said NOTW closure was "right thing" - but said it would be a real loss to the British public. #c4news
Richard Kendall @richardkendall
Sad for the #notw staff losing jobs, but with a brand reputation in ruins & advertisers closing their wallets, maybe the logical conclusion
Jon Snow @jonsnowC4
BBC News (UK) @BBCNews
News International refuse to comment on rumour The Sun will move to 7-days-a-week after #NOTW closes. Watch LIVE
JayneHowarth @JayneHowarth
have to feel sorry for the journos on #NOTW who had nothing to do with the disgraceful actions of their predecessors but face losing jobs
Patrick Smith @psmith
Is the bigger picture: BSkyB, with 10m paying households, is more important than #NOTW with 2.6m weekly readers?
Joseph 🇺🇦 @JosephStash
I've already assembled a staff of 6 for my new Sunday paper. So technically we're now bigger than the News of the World. #notw
The Guardian @guardian
Our story on #NotW closure: spokesperson 'would not comment on whether NI will continue to publish tab title on Sunday'
David Wyllie @journodave
Rebekah Brooks "was in tears" when she told the staff. #notw
Alice Vincent @alice_emily
Awesomely timed RT @samparkercouk: First blog for @HuffPostUK - 'Not Everyone at the #NOTW was Guilty' -
Neal Mann @fieldproducer
The News Of The World has effectively been shut by good investigative journalism something it once prided itself in. #NOTW
Tim Gatt @TimGatt
BREAK Sky #NOTW source: "there is mass anger in news room. All directed at Rebekah. Colin Myler absolutely furious. Staff devastated."
jonslattery @jonslattery
The investigation that closed a rogue newspaper:
Matt 'TK' Taylor @MattieTK
Guardian have their liveblog up, it's official as of now! #notw
BBC News (UK) @BBCNews
#NOTW political editor David Wooding shocked by closure: 'there's only about 3 people here who were there at time' of alleged #hacking
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