Wars, Foreign Policy & Civil Liberties Questions Taboo at #AskObama Twitter Town Hall

There were a number of questions on the wars and how they have impacted job creation and the economy. There's a number of users asking about US foreign policy and why we continue to try to be the world's policeman. Additionally, there were many users asking about civil liberties as they might pertain to the economy but the curators selected none of these questions. Read More
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Mikey Jensen @BrainSlugs83
#askObama why are you helping the right erode our civil liberties and attack whistle blowers like Bradley Manning who expose those crimes?
James Cook @jamesmcookusa
President Obama, you haven't nominated a Quorum for the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. Why not? When will you? #askobama
David @David747Heavy
President Obama, why are you continuing the gov't's assault on our civil liberties under the guise of fighting "terrorism"? #AskObama
Ivan Osorio @ivangosorio
How is your administration different from Bush 43 in foreign policy & civil liberties? #AskObama http://lat.ms/mV8NTT http://bit.ly/mRfWgi
Kevin Gosztola @kgosztola
#AskObama How do you think your administration has done when it comes to protecting the right to dissent? #stopfbi http://j.mp/oEkVav
Askari @mixmastermo
#AskObama Warrantless wiretaps sound an awful lot like Bush-Cheney. When will you stand up for civil liberties again?
SmallEquals @SmallEquals
How is your administration different from Bush 43 in foreign policy & civil liberties? #AskObama
Court @MsCourt
How is your administration different from the former on foreign policy? Civil liberties? What concrete improvements will you make? #AskObama
FreeRangeK @FreeRangeK
#AskObama : Should civil liberties be observed only on a state by state basis? #LGBT #Abortion
The_Tempestt_ @The_Tempestt_
#askObama how is the U.S funding 6 wars while unemployment is at an all time high and education is at an all time low?
Unca Booma @MajorFredS
#askobama How many wars in we in right now? Are we at war with Libya? Why?
Gunny Highway @ReconChesty
#askObama You sd you'd bring our troops home, yet you've increased our wars from 2 to 4. Should you give back your Nobel Peace Prize? #tcot
kathryn @kathalope
#AskObama What is your administration doing to help stop #humantrafficking and raise #awareness in the States?
Mark Boyle @Confusordoktor
#AskObama Do you think that it is right for welfare recipients to be required to have drug screening
Gấu đen @SerReginald
You extended the Patriot Act despite judges calling it unconstitutional. Do you not believe its an infringment on civil liberties? #askobama
teflaime @teflaime
@Townhall When are you going to restore civil liberties by ending Bush era policies you have continued? #AskObama
Solo The Kid @slickster757
#askObama when are you going to end the marihuana prohibition.
ShaolinCrone @Stormysu
How can a constitutional lawyer and democratic president consider the Patriot Act, Guantanamo & the NSA's practices legal? #askobama
⚽️Positive Vibration ⚽️ @MikeFlanneryLFC
#AskObama Have UR economists told U that ending the Bush tax cuts would solve 2/3 (or maybe all) of the "deficit problem"? Just checking.
jermaine traylor @bigmaine44
#AskObama I being a spc in the army wanted to know in greater detail your plan to reduce our numbers across seas in the two wars
Ed F @TheBigEdMan
How committed are you to making sure millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share like the rest of us are being asked to do? #AskObama
Ifeanyi Agu @yankitwizy
#AskObama If you had your way would you legalize gay marriage in the whole of the states? Would you legalize abortion?
John @DarkNightHunt
@whitehouse Why did you run as an anti-war President but then continue and start new wars during your term? #AskObama
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Kevin Gosztola @kgosztola 07/07/2011 02:03:10 WIB
I'll amend the original story: one question taken. Obama has to say a little on the War on Drugs, which has provided cover for massive assault on civil liberties over past four decades.
Kevin Gosztola @kgosztola 07/07/2011 02:08:49 WIB
One more Tweet question -- it addresses defense budget. Still, the argument can be made that the economic strain and the debt created by these wars is not being properly focused upon.
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