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#AskObama Twitter Townhall: Will He Take a Question on Bradley Manning?

There are a number of users on Twitter asking and urging President Barack Obama to address the case of Bradley Manning during the #AskObama Twitter townhall today. Will he take a question? Or will he or his handlers find they would like to avoid addressing people's concerns on this alleged military whistleblower to WikiLeaks?
Catholic Guy @Catholics4RP

You have said you support whistle blowers, when will you free Bradley Manning? #AskObama

03/07/2011 00:26:12 WIB
Kevin Zeese @KBZeese

Bradley Manning can't get a fair trial, you said he's guilty, Secty Clinton also; been punished too much already drop the charges #AskObama

03/07/2011 05:28:52 WIB
Helena @trhippy

#askObama if you were Bradley Manning and you came across the helicopter video, what would you have done? Kept it a secret?

03/07/2011 06:37:24 WIB
Wikileak Story @wikileakstory

#AskObama About Alleged Wikileaker PFC Manning at the First Ever White House Twitter Townhall #payback

03/07/2011 07:17:34 WIB
Hugo Silva @HugoMqs

#askobama what the hell, how. Bout the Bradley Manning case Obama?

03/07/2011 06:50:16 WIB
Gary Leaf @blucollarbrains

Mr. President, you say PFC Bradley Manning "broke the law." Why are you not prosecuting the war crimes that he allegedly exposed? #AskObama

03/07/2011 13:28:48 WIB

#AskObama; dear president, what about Bradley Manning, do you not think it's time to set him free? Show us some leadership!

03/07/2011 15:29:41 WIB
Boots @andersoncooter

#AskObama Why isn't Bradley Manning being protected as a whistleblower?

04/07/2011 05:04:51 WIB
Denica Lorax De Foy @D_Cassandra_D

@BarackObama Why is Bradley Manning still being held without trial, after enduring torturous conditions, With NO Crime Committed? #AskObama

03/07/2011 21:37:04 WIB
Mark Sheppard @m_sheppard

#AskObama Why are you not prosecuting the war crimes revealed by whistleblowing hero Bradley Manning?

04/07/2011 20:39:00 WIB
Lisa Savage @NaturalGuard

#AskObama Is Bradley Manning being held so long w/out trial & threatened as an example of what happens to whistleblowers & to deter others?

06/07/2011 00:29:14 WIB
Zoe E. Whitten @Zoe_E_W

So I can #askobama a question? Ok, Mr. President, when do you plan to make a public trial, or a public release date, for Bradley Manning?

06/07/2011 01:04:52 WIB
Jennifer Oliver @JennieOliverAZ

#AskObama Why is it okay to punish a whistleblower (Bradley Manning) but not the ones that actually commit a crime ('collateral murder')?

06/07/2011 02:31:58 WIB

#AskObama Why was Bradley Manning's mistreatment at the Quantico military prison never addressed?

06/07/2011 02:40:08 WIB
Satya Pyare @SatyaPyare

#AskObama How can US pretend to be a leading example of a democratic nation if it is denying Bradley Manning his freedom of right to speak?

06/07/2011 02:57:48 WIB
Neil D. Hunt @NDHduz

#AskObama Why is Bradley Manning being charged with "Aiding the enemy" for informing voters about the secret actions of our elected govt?

06/07/2011 03:12:34 WIB
Henrik Persson @persson_henrik

Why are you not prosecuting the war crimes revealed by whistleblowing hero Bradley Manning? #AskObama

06/07/2011 03:34:07 WIB
a particular pussy cat @michtom

#AskObama Why do you prosecute B Manning for living up to Nuremberg Principle IV?

06/07/2011 03:56:39 WIB
Michael Harman @Mickaroon_al

#askobama Why is Bradley Manning being charged w/ Aiding the enemy for informing American voters about illegal actions of our government?

06/07/2011 04:05:42 WIB
Anton Onszers @a1049

Dear Mr. Obama: it's about #Bradley Manning - can you guess the question? #askobama

06/07/2011 04:07:20 WIB
Richard Crews @richardcrews

#AskObama I applaud your work on education, healthcare, energy--what happened to civil rights (think Manning, Guantanamo) and transparency?

06/07/2011 04:20:00 WIB
Neil D. Hunt @NDHduz

AskObama Why did you say that Bradley Manning's alleged actions threaten U.S. soldiers abroad, without proof,when your Military policies do?

06/07/2011 04:24:05 WIB
fRED @fhreet

Why is Bradley Manning still in Jail? #AskObama

06/07/2011 05:52:11 WIB
Mikey Jensen @BrainSlugs83

#askObama why are you helping the right erode our civil liberties and attack whistle blowers like Bradley Manning who expose those crimes?

06/07/2011 05:59:08 WIB
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Maxx Aguirre @RealMaxx_Grind 08/07/2011 08:09:38 WIB
Bradley Manning just helped Obama with his promised "TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT" shouldn't he get a medal? BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON WAR CRIMES IS NOT A CRIME! FREE BRADLEY MANNING!