anna rita @rean2005
PLN: open doors for my mind#etwion
Mihaela Ciofalca @MihaelaCiofalca
cucuriguuuu-cock, mormor-bear, pupupu - hoopoe, beee-sheep- romanian #etwion #onomatopee
rebelos @rebelos
#etwion #hk #greenetwion green is his colour / greenetwion is his most beloved group / glad to be with you!
chiara torchia @torchiara1
Check out "KEEP TWITTING FOR GREEN ETWION" from Keep Calm-o-matic at http://t.co/70mywVxNEb via @keepcalmomatic
MrsU @auatGG
@abfromz @BartVerswijvel @eTwinning_DE I'll try ;) a different group of students every hour should be helpful ;) #etwion
anna rita @rean2005
listening to Underwater by Mika on @Grooveshark: http://t.co/nd4YUTkUWQ #nowplaying i very like this song#etwion
MrsU @auatGG
@abfromz @BartVerswijvel @eTwinning_DE why I can't be at #etwion on Saturday :) will be busy promoting eTwinning :) http://t.co/ZcQH18VYVD
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MrsU @auatGG
@abfromz need more chocolate for Friday? check http://t.co/Tx9CahXlak a #MUSTSEE in the capital of the green heart of #etwion #greenetwion
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