What the social interweb is saying about Google+
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krowten­čî┤ @krowten
A "+" for #GooglePlus My profession doesn't think it's ad-friendly Google+: What's In It For Advertisers? via @MediaPost
RT @jenntsang: RT @ukhawar: Lol i just read somewhere that #GooglePlus is like Facebook with no people in it. #Google =D <~ lol
Josh Rowe @joshrowe
Ha! Mark Zuckerberg has more "friends" on #googleplus than Sergey Bin does
Thomas Verbeek @thomverbeek
If Google+ becomes permanently integrated with Gmail, how will we ever get work done? #googleplus #byebyeproductivity
Cai Thomas @caithomas44
possibly the best aspect of #googleplus is that people can't spam YOUR wall.
Charlie Brill @CharlieBrill
Today, I'm a big fan of Google Plus. Shows much potential.
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