Aleksandra @AAlekssandra
#etwion Poll: I prefer 1. Online lessons 2. Face to face lessons 3. Both. Reply to this tweet with the option number
Vanna Kosmatou @vannnacosm
#etwion Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 (Arthur Rubinstein): http://t.co/r212lQmQhE via @youtube Finally...go to sleep! goodnight
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Lela Verulidze @lela263
@ETWION Hello eTwinners and dear Trainers! I have just joined, but if you share with me information I will reach...
Maria Panou @PanouMaria
Unfortunately I missed it! O.k. Friday'll be better I hope! #etwion
Maria Panou @PanouMaria
Is there any yet? I'm so sorry, I was ill, I couldn't open pc. Now I'm some better!! #etwion
Alena Jandlova @AlenaJandlova
poll: What does family think about your weekend online activities? #etwion 1. Supports me. :-) 2. Doesn´t share my enthusiasm! 3. Other!
Codau Rodica @CodauRodica
@BartVerswijvel Did you know that the Twitter, some Romanians are pushing the world forward? @cgst @mirceap @Marius_Stroe #etwion
Alessandra Cannelli @cannelli
#etwion I don't use sm in class but blogs and twinspace
Carmen Aldama @maldamabaeza
The State of Social Media During 2013: http://t.co/eNgMqGFVyl vía @youtube Interesting video. #etwion
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Vasileios Bazanis @vbazanis
@abfromz Activ. 9:The Old Devils (NY Review Books Classics) by Kingsley Amis.Plan to read because I love laughing and feeling good #etwion
@abfromz We need SM in education, but at the same time, we have to keep the balance between the real and the virtual world #etwion
@abfromz Dear Arjana, I 've faced my first problem using Twitter and missed the chat tonight#etwion
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rebelos @rebelos 03/03/2014 06:01:31 WIB
@MarianAthanasia great idea!I was thinking of something similar, perhaps using Alice.Keep me posted! #etwion
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