eTwion Learning Event - Part 1

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Aleksandra @AAlekssandra

@BartVerswijvel Thanks to you and @abfromz and your ISSU book I find out how to post my first tweet :) Hope I'll use twitter more #etwion

01/03/2014 04:12:18 WIB
Lilianna @lkpoland

Hi @CodauRodica, unbelievable!!! I've been to Mangalia. Is that still a magnificent place? #etwion @DurdicaKrcmar

01/03/2014 04:11:52 WIB
Ejderya Babası @J_S_N_S_J

I think this LE can gather us so that we can have a social media forum to share and discuss some topics. #etwion

01/03/2014 04:09:11 WIB
Aleksandra @AAlekssandra

I'm a primary teacher from Macedonia. Here is one photo from the center of my hometown - Prilep. #etwion

01/03/2014 03:58:25 WIB
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Lilianna @lkpoland

@zorsoranhoca Don't have tablets at school but each student has an access to a PC and I used them a lot, and a whiteboard of course.#etwion

01/03/2014 03:57:29 WIB
Betina Astride @betinaastride

@PetroniaMoraru thank you, but which idea are you talking about, Petronia :) ? #etwion i don't remember

01/03/2014 03:53:36 WIB
Alena Jandlova @AlenaJandlova

Hello, do you like dancing? We have the Dancing House :-) in Prague.#etwion

01/03/2014 03:45:10 WIB
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Alena Jandlova @AlenaJandlova

Hi all, I´m a teacher of English and History, I like travelling and changes! #etwion

01/03/2014 03:37:16 WIB
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Marijana @mscro1

I will catch up with all #etwion tomorrow, now off to watch cartoon with the boys, love #friday and relaxation :)))

01/03/2014 03:36:41 WIB
Tamara @tamaravidovic

Hi! I'm Tamara from Croatia, English teacher in a primary school. This is my home town, Čakovec #etwion

01/03/2014 03:34:58 WIB
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Arjana Blazic @abfromz

@TeresaRughi63 hello Teresa, congrats on being an eTwinning ambassador #etwion

01/03/2014 03:30:06 WIB
Arjana Blazic @abfromz

@BartVerswijvel yes, it's Friday and I'm in love and in Brussels :-) #etwion

01/03/2014 03:23:16 WIB
Bart Verswijvel @BartVerswijvel

@TeresaRughi63 Yes Twitter has only 140 characters... But you can write more in our #etwion Facebook group.

01/03/2014 03:13:54 WIB
Marijana @mscro1

#Twitter - "Try It before Ignoring It "post by @carlaarena, thought it cud B good 4 our #etwion Learn.Event @abfromz

01/03/2014 03:11:51 WIB
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