Lt. Dan Choi: Ardent LGBT Rights Advocate, Supporter of Bradley Manning

For the past couple weeks since Netroots Nation 2011, Lt. Choi has been catching a lot of flack from a select group of liberals who take him to task for his views on LGBT issues and Bradley Manning. Most significantly, they hate how he displays disgust toward the president. Read More
Mr. Incredible @samueljcookiii

@remi_36 Ending DADT, no longer defending DOMA, ending LGBT deportations? Meaningless to @ltdanchoi because O won't endorse gay marriage.

01/07/2011 01:47:27 WIB
Kyle Bella @quixoticblazes

@ltdanchoi Why are you so fixated on marriage when there are so many other #lgbt issues to worry about?

01/07/2011 01:46:43 WIB
Mr. Incredible @samueljcookiii

@ltdanchoi appears to be of the opinion that everyone should support his cause and if they don't, they're "liars" and "immoral."

01/07/2011 01:37:06 WIB
Mr. Incredible @samueljcookiii

@ltdanchoi @moralpolitician And you are the epitome of a media whore who'll do anything for attention.

01/07/2011 01:36:34 WIB

You, @JSamuelCook, are the epitome of immorality: for moral causes are never dependent on popularity. @moralpolitician

01/07/2011 01:35:20 WIB
mnk224 @mnk224

@ltdanchoi you still aren't done being "infuriated"? Please..

01/07/2011 01:34:28 WIB

More than anything, I am INFURIATED that @BarackObama thinks he can get away with lying. 1996: pro gay marriage. 2011: Evolving? Liar.

01/07/2011 01:26:31 WIB
Emilia1956 @Emilia1956

@vcthree @LtDanChoi's career was up the moment he wrote a vicious letter to POTUS in December dissing him. Officers do not dis c-in-c.

30/06/2011 17:00:39 WIB

I think @BarackObama is weak against Republicans because his base is weak on pressuring him. He needs the pressure. @keithboykin

30/06/2011 11:20:46 WIB
vcthree @vcthree

@shonan_naminori No, no...don't explain that to @ltdanchoi. Just let him find out the day Manning goes to the brig. Let him get caught out.

30/06/2011 06:32:55 WIB
CBP’s PTD policy is reprehensible @shonan_naminori

@vcthree @ltdanchoi you mean the guy who violated security protocol and the UCMJ? Don't forget shit rolls downhill in the military.

30/06/2011 06:32:00 WIB
vcthree @vcthree

RT @ltdanchoi I stand with Bradley Manning. >> You have overdrawn your credibility, sir.

30/06/2011 06:26:15 WIB
Jp @AltoidLover

Sorry, but @LtDanChoi and @Maddow are right. Obama doesn't support full recognition of gay relationships. Politics to some, reality to me.

30/06/2011 00:45:48 WIB
Jan Neumann @JNeumann54

@ltdanchoi @BarackObama POTUS has done MORE for the LGBT than any POTUS in history and yet, not enough for you

30/06/2011 00:28:48 WIB
Jan Neumann @JNeumann54

@ltdanchoi You are no friend of the community right now. You're making things WORSE with all the whining. It's all people hear from you.

30/06/2011 00:28:00 WIB

Exactly: The president is a politician. The politicians must work for us, not the other way around. @LaurainWA @barackobama

30/06/2011 00:05:01 WIB
Mike Elk @MikeElk

God damn I wish we had a labor leader as vocal in opposition as @ltdanchoi

29/06/2011 23:32:56 WIB

My straight friends do not use me for money, then say marriage is only for them. @BarackObama you are not my friend. #evolvealready

29/06/2011 21:28:55 WIB
Para Dyme @ReallyR2urn

@ltdanchoi ...and you're just flat out delusional! So Sad! @maddow spews lies about President Obama! She's just a hater!

29/06/2011 12:41:39 WIB
Para Dyme @ReallyR2urn

@ltdanchoi in fact, I think both u and rachel @maddow have mental issues. 1 thinks shes the opposite sex. and......

29/06/2011 12:38:48 WIB
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