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#UK #NorthernIreland: On-The-Runs secret gov't scheme

The Hyde Park bombing case collapsed to reveal there was a secret scheme about IRA's so-called "On The Runs (OTR)" in the 2000s. (Unclear when it started. In 2001 or in 2007, after the OTR Bill got ditched.)
Good Morning Ulster @BBCgmu

Good morning - we're on air now & lots to come on the programme this morning including reaction to the collapse of the John Downey case.

26/02/2014 13:33:35 WIB
Good Morning Ulster @BBCgmu

We'll also look at fracking in the USA, hear from #Sochi2014 snowboarder Amy Fuller & speak to singer Midge Ure about his upcoming gig.

26/02/2014 13:35:59 WIB
Kevin Kelly @kevinhkelly

BBC NEWS: Police Ombudsman probe over Hyde Park bomb decision

26/02/2014 13:54:24 WIB
Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation @peacefoundation

Colin Parry talking to Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden on BBC 5 Live Breakfast estimated 07:05 @bbc5live @NickyAACampbell @rachelburden

26/02/2014 13:54:25 WIB
Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation @peacefoundation

Today 26 Feb in the House of Commons 11.30 Oral Questions Northern Ireland - our victims service is at risk and we need political leadership

26/02/2014 14:06:18 WIB
Northern Ireland @NIviews

Pensive Quill: Prosecuting the Past: Cold War Conflict: Guest writer Carrie Twomey on the selective prosecutio...

26/02/2014 14:07:23 WIB
Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation @peacefoundation

The programme Survivors for Peace is to close. We don't want that to happen. You can help this stop happening

26/02/2014 14:07:34 WIB
Good Morning Ulster @BBCgmu

Former shadow NI minister Laurence Robertson will speak to us soon on the On-the-runs scheme which saw John Downey walk free from Old Bailey

26/02/2014 14:22:21 WIB
BBC Radio Foyle @BBCRadioFoyle

PSNI union 'appalled at grubby deal': The chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland says he is ap...

26/02/2014 14:24:33 WIB
Good Morning Ulster @BBCgmu

Our Home Affairs correspondent Vincent Kearney was in court yesterday & will speak to @BBCgmu at 07:35 about collapse of #hydepark case.

26/02/2014 14:24:36 WIB
Brian Rowan @BrianPJRowan

Speaking at Dealing with Past conference yesterday warned against raising expectations. Investigations will deliver little.

26/02/2014 14:34:33 WIB
Good Morning Ulster @BBCgmu

Kenny Donaldson of Innocent Victims United is also speaking to @bbcgmu now about the #hydepark case against John Downey which collapsed yday

26/02/2014 14:39:50 WIB
Slugger O'Toole @SluggerOToole

" extremely unhealthy interest by officials in the Northern Ireland Office about prioritising individuals":

26/02/2014 14:45:09 WIB
Good Morning Ulster @BBCgmu

Peter Hain will speak to @BBCgmu after 8 to explain more about the On-The-Runs secret govt scheme that John Downey was part of. #hydepark

26/02/2014 14:45:41 WIB
Good Morning Ulster @BBCgmu

Chairman of NI Police Federation says he is appalled at the govt's "grubby secret deal" on IRA "on-the-run" cases:

26/02/2014 14:50:14 WIB
Downtown News @newsondowntown

Chairman @PoliceFedforNI : "shocked & appalled that the Government did a “grubby, secret deal” with so-called ‘on-the-run’ terrorists."

26/02/2014 14:51:36 WIB
Gerry Adams @GerryAdamsSF

Maidin maith daoibhse - and a very fine morming it is! Bain sult as.

26/02/2014 15:02:27 WIB
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