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Steve Kornacki: Wrong about politics and House of Cards

Steve Kornacki claims House of Cards is unrealistic and therefore not a good show. However even with its embellishments, House of Cards is more realistic than the delusional view of DC that beltway pundits, like Steve, have about how politics really works.
priceman @therealpriceman

@SteveKornacki doesn't understand politics or House of Cards. His critiques fall flat. I will debunk them now. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:29:49 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

(1)@SteveKornacki says the narrow makeup of the House 218(D)-216(R) makes Whip=Underwood's murder of Peter Russo not make sense. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:30:08 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

(2)Underwood already passed education bill Rahm Emanuel style=provoking teacher union president so makeup of House didn't matter. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:30:26 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

(1)@SteveKornacki said he rejects that DC is involved everything & claims they are rarely involved in local politics like in HOC. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:30:44 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

(2)Rahm had similar showdown with teacher unions in a similar way in Chicago as mayor after being COS to @BarackObama=wrong, Steve. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:30:58 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

(3)That undercuts @SteveKornacki's assertion that DC rarely gets involved in local politics like in House of Cards. DC does, a lot #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:31:17 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

(4) Underwood is a sociopath+is not thinking about political pragmatism for his party, he's in it for himself=extreme Joe Lieberman #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:31:30 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

(5) Joe Lieberman sunk Al Gore on military ballot issue in 2000 so he could run in 2004=Similar to Underwood. Steve needs to study #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:31:45 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

+Joe Lieberman lied to Harry Reid about not filibustering a bill w a public option=polled well for (D) voters. Happens a lot, Steve #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:31:59 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

(6) Most politicians are in it for themselves like Francis Underwood. Only those making $ off of partisan delusions say otherwise. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:32:13 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

In @SteveKornacki's world, the end justifies the means. (D)s want to do the right thing but their hands are tied.THAT's the fantasy #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:32:29 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

Writers of House of Cards know legislation is written by lobbyists+votes bought+deals coerced like Obama's deal with big pharma. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:32:43 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

This new version of #Uppers is the fantasy. To make $ it has to sell that politics=noble+not cynical like it really is & HOC shows. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:32:56 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

Even with embellishments, House of Cards=more realistic than the delusions of partisans on @msnbc lying that we still have a say. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:33:40 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

@NTXProgressive @upwithsteve Cool. Thanks. I just really have a problem with @SteveKornacki's analysis on it and love @HouseofCards #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:37:16 WIB
North Texas Progressive @NTXProgressive

@therealpriceman Wow Price! It's ok we love @HouseofCards dont really think most ple would go2 Steve 4cultural choices @upwithsteve #uppers

23/02/2014 21:34:36 WIB
priceman @therealpriceman

@NTXProgressive @HouseofCards @upwithsteve I will have to wait to see season 2. I saw season 1 way late but loved it. #Uppers

23/02/2014 21:37:52 WIB


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