Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium MCFC
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

15. Connell Sixth Form College and community hub which is partly funded by @MCFC

22/02/2014 20:30:11 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

14. The expansion will coincide with development immediately adjacent to the stadium n the completion of the Etihad Campus training facility

22/02/2014 20:28:22 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

13. The stadium will undergo an 20-month expansion programme from January 2014 to expand the seating capacity to 62,170

22/02/2014 20:26:21 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

12. Rugby league matches, boxing world title fights and music concerts and will host one 2015 Rugby World Cup match

22/02/2014 20:25:01 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

11. In addition to athletics, the stadium has hosted the 2008 UEFA Cup Final, England football internationals

22/02/2014 20:22:34 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

10. And @MCFC £20 million The club moved into its new home during the summer of 2003.

22/02/2014 20:20:37 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

9. The conversion from a track and field arena to a football stadium cost the city council £22 million

22/02/2014 20:19:05 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

8. it was agreed in 1998 that @MCFC would lease the stadium from Manchester City Council as a replacement for Maine Road

22/02/2014 20:17:59 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

7. To ensure the long-term future of the stadium after the Commonwealth Games

22/02/2014 20:16:49 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

6. The stadium was built by Laing Construction at a cost of £112 million from a design by architectural consultants Arup Associates

22/02/2014 20:15:42 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

5. In the 2002 Commonwealth Games bid, the capacity for the Games was to be 38,000, and after the games it would be converted to be 48,000

22/02/2014 20:14:02 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

4. Had been proposed for the main athletics arena in Manchester's failed bid for the 2000 Summer Olympics

22/02/2014 20:11:25 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

3. The SportCity location but with a larger stadium

22/02/2014 20:10:14 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

2. The home ground of @MCFC the fifth-largest stadium in the @premierleague the twelfth-largest in the UK with a seating capacity of 47,805

22/02/2014 20:07:43 WIB
Surakartans Citizens @MCSCI_SOLO

1. The City of Manchester Stadium in Manchester, England, also known as Etihad Stadium for sponsorship reasons

22/02/2014 19:59:02 WIB


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