esvoa's Glastonbury 2011

Timeline, mostly my half-hearted live-tweeting, from my Glasto experience.
Simon Y @esvoa

Insane. The full Glastonbury line-up is enormous: 59 official stages, doesn't include everything else that's going on

18/06/2011 19:00:13 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Glasto stuff is loosely assembled but not packed, things still on the to-do list, and I'm leaving London 2am Tues for Stonehenge solstice!

20/06/2011 03:56:40 WIB
🧀hollyzone🧀 @hollyzone

@esvoa Your list reads "tent, socks, lesbian, loo roll, lesbian, bin bags, lesbian, batteries, sleeping bag, lesbian...".

19/06/2011 09:13:06 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

I'm feeling like I'm in one of those dreams where you wake up and realise the exam you haven't revised for yet has just started.

20/06/2011 03:55:54 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

My #glasto @clashfinder is now complete and trimmed to show only the stages with acts I've selected that day. Woot.

20/06/2011 20:38:07 WIB
Rich N @RichN_Tog

Note to those going to Glasto, this is your weather for the weekend... #Glastorain #notjealoushonestly @esvoa

20/06/2011 23:54:47 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Dammit, I think my knackeredness, a pessimistic forecast (95+% cloud cover at sunrise) and packing incompletion mean no Stonehenge solstice.

21/06/2011 00:18:20 WIB
Rich N @RichN_Tog

@esvoa I do genuinely hope you don't get a bog! I also hope #lotsofsocks and #Glastorain trend.

21/06/2011 03:03:09 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Two more hours at work then #glasto can officially begin!

21/06/2011 19:00:59 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

So tired I forgot to eat lunch. Start of the Glasto road trip delayed accordingly, to get some energy.

21/06/2011 23:26:24 WIB
Clair @merialc

@esvoa you realise you're an idiot, right?

21/06/2011 23:44:14 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Right, that's it. To-do list to-done, lunch eaten (just), and the sun's shining. Time for phase 1 of Glasto!

22/06/2011 00:06:53 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Here! West car park, now to join the queue - gates open in an hour...

22/06/2011 12:56:20 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Rush hour queues, standard workday! #glasto Heavy rain came in 40mins ago, queue was moving well but stopped since 9.

22/06/2011 15:19:32 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Glasto update: queueing by 7:30, at the gates about 10:30, tents up before 1. Not so bad!

22/06/2011 19:09:29 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

We're definitely, definitely in wellies for the duration here. Mudfest. But it's awesome.

22/06/2011 21:58:32 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Amazing fireworks as the twilight comes to an end. Muddy, but a great day.

23/06/2011 04:46:46 WIB
Nikki Turbo @nikkiturbo

@esvoa LOOK! FIRST PIC! YOU'RE FAMOUS!! I am SO proud to know you!! Hope you're having fun xxx

24/06/2011 14:54:15 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Glastonbury's amazing... and apparently I'm famous! Thanks to Nikki and Ollie for the tip-off.

24/06/2011 15:37:42 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Yesterday: passive day but great fun. Not much rain; 9001-spot Twister board; Euro premiere of Arcade Fire film; serious mud; new friends.

24/06/2011 18:13:25 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Now watching Group Love at The Park stage, drinking a pint of Glastonbury farm mud. Trying not to think about loo queues.

24/06/2011 18:14:46 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Mona at The John Peel - massive tent! Just found a semi-secret stage in The Park with an awesome line-up!

24/06/2011 19:21:50 WIB
Simon Y @esvoa

Emmy The Great at Oxylers In West, hiding from the rain that's just starting and waiting for Guillemots.

24/06/2011 20:25:37 WIB
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