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#Japan, #Fukushima, and #Earthquake News from 6/30

English-language news articles on the latest developments following the 3/11 earthquake in Japan. Japan may no longer be in the headlines, but support is still needed for recovery. I am making these compilations regularly for the benefit of non-Japanese seeking accurate updates on the situation. Please feel free to add additional links. Here is news from yesterday: http://chirpstory.com/li/1887 Read More
Japanese Media
The Japan News @The_Japan_News

Bonito is traded at Kesennuma Port in Miyagi for the 1st time since the port was damaged by the March 11 disaster. http://t.co/YjqHq9T

29/06/2011 17:17:11 WIB
The Japan News @The_Japan_News

Peak power consumption peaked at 93.2% of capacity for TEPCO's service area this afternoon, a post-disaster high.

29/06/2011 17:24:09 WIB
The Japan News @The_Japan_News

Survey finds 40% of kids who lost at least 1 parent in March 11 disaster are primary school students or younger. http://t.co/T5Kh6BY

29/06/2011 18:20:16 WIB
The Japan Times @japantimes

Hot day stokes power overload fear; demand in Tepco's service area reaches 93% of supply capacity http://ow.ly/5sPEK

29/06/2011 19:35:03 WIB
The Japan Times @japantimes

Saga closer to restart of Genkai reactor; mayor of host town gives OK but governor mum on date http://ow.ly/5sPyy

29/06/2011 19:18:37 WIB
The Japan Times @japantimes

RT @jtnatsuko: Read our Q&A on heatstroke by @jt_nakata to find out what causes it and how to prevent it http://bit.ly/b6misI

29/06/2011 13:00:01 WIB
Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi

The Saga Prefecture governor gives the green light to fire up two offline nuclear reactors. Not everyone is convinced it's a good idea.

30/06/2011 15:42:41 WIB
Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi

Foreign water bottlers are profiting from the Fukushima crisis. 4 times as much water was imported to Japan in May compared with last May

30/06/2011 09:51:40 WIB
Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi

Goshi Hosono, new state minister in charge of dealing with Fukushima nuclear crisis. Some background info on him. http://t.co/6V0ouJB

30/06/2011 08:55:37 WIB
Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi

Government moving closer to securing approval from local authorities to restart the first of 35 idle nuclear reactors. http://t.co/Gl068Ts

29/06/2011 20:32:57 WIB
Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi

The government is considering using official development aid budget to assist quake-recovery efforts. http://t.co/AOoEe5Z

29/06/2011 20:30:43 WIB
Asahi Shimbun AJW @AJWasahi

The Environment Ministry has come up with guidelines for radioactive ash disposal for 15 prefectures. http://t.co/L0gTkSm

29/06/2011 20:23:10 WIB
Overseas Media
Bloomberg LP @Bloomberg

Japan Holdout Rejects $2M Bid, Gets Nuclear Reactor View http://bloom.bg/m3CRmx

30/06/2011 07:30:03 WIB
Personal Accounts
Hiroko Tabuchi @HirokoTabuchi

Traces of radioactive cesium found in urine samples of 10 kids in Fukushima [J] http://t.co/vrpx2xD My story from May http://t.co/I31SZN8

30/06/2011 14:43:21 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

Epicenter of 19:22 quake was off coast of Fukushima. No tsunami. #jishin_e #japantsunami

30/06/2011 17:29:04 WIB
ダニエル・カール @DanielKahl

Mid-sized quake in Miyagi @ 19:22. No tsunami warning. M 5.3 #jishin_e #japantsunami

30/06/2011 17:26:58 WIB
Daniel Garcia-R @dgr4energy

NHK(13:20) TEPCO restarted #FNPP1 rad purif system yest 9pm, recirc cooling working without problems since then; will enhance leak monitorng

30/06/2011 16:50:49 WIB
Daniel Garcia-R @dgr4energy

Troubles to install a similar system on FNPP1-4 continue (pipes broken); workers entered 5th floor yest for 1st time, searching alternatives

30/06/2011 06:49:10 WIB


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