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and it begins #AGBT14 #agbt2014 #notagbt14 #notagbt2014 #agbt #nonagbt

AllSeq @AllSeq

All the tweets, blogs and news from #AGBT14 (final update)

18/02/2014 08:00:21 WIB
Teresa Wang @wateresa

@BUbioinfo #AGBT14 was amazing, THX for supporting me to present. Tried tweeting as much as possible and thought about you guys!

18/02/2014 03:38:56 WIB
Roche Sequencing USA @RocheSeqUSA

For those of you who couldn't make it to #AGBT this year--and for those of you who did--here's the Kapa ice luge :)

18/02/2014 02:28:19 WIB
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Comprendia @Comprendia

AGBT Wednesday 12th: No blogging allowed! - Mozilla Firefox via @crigenomics ...what was result? #agbt14

18/02/2014 02:17:42 WIB
nextgenseek @nextgenseek

Reading storified tweets = simplified genome assembly based on 144 bp reads. #AGBT14 effect

18/02/2014 02:10:46 WIB
Joke Reumers @JokeReumers

Popular parent when coming home with #agbt14 memorabilia #disco

18/02/2014 01:57:23 WIB
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Ibrahim Jivanjee @ijivanjee

total whiteout and freezing rain and sleet to come. I am already having #AGBT14 nostalgia.

18/02/2014 00:41:17 WIB
Ion Torrent @iontorrent

Thank you for coming out to #AGBT14 - Hope to see you next year!

18/02/2014 00:00:07 WIB
Karyn Meltz @karynotype

27C in Marco Island today. 27F in St. Louis. Re-entry from #AGBT14 has been rough!

17/02/2014 23:16:09 WIB
Tony Forget @TonyForget

@EnzymaticsInc: Have you had your passport stamped? Stop by the Enzymatics Lanai Suite 279. #agbt14”- have the winners been announced?

17/02/2014 22:36:04 WIB
Chris Cole @drchriscole

Catching up with the @nanopore #AGBT talk. Can see why it's underwhelming: reads lower quality than @illumina and shorter than @PacBio

17/02/2014 22:26:51 WIB
KCo @kc31958

Nice to have the day off to rest. A week at #AGBT14 feels like a month.

17/02/2014 22:22:50 WIB
Nabsys @nabsys

Great participating in @agbt! If you’d like to learn more about our technology please see here: #genomics #AGBT14

17/02/2014 21:40:24 WIB
AlleleFreq Community @AlleleFreq

Signing off from #AGBT14 with a question: Did the GenapSys talk beat previous hype endeavours by Rothberg?

17/02/2014 19:57:17 WIB
PacBio @PacBio

Cool! pics/vids/blogs/tweets MT @Eventifier: @agbt A quick social media summary of #AGBT14 , have a look:

17/02/2014 06:57:35 WIB
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SeqComplete @SeqComplete 18/02/2014 11:01:44 WIB
and it ended... exhausting as always. all tweets - final update. Thanks everybody, it seems #agbt14 was most tweeted conf again...