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Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel 11/02/2014 03:11:10 WIB
@BartVerswijvel My pleasure! Preparing eTwinning Starters Workshop Tessenderlo now... #lslchat
Bart Verswijvel @BartVerswijvel 11/02/2014 03:05:53 WIB
Thank you all for your inspirational contributions at tonight's #lslchat!
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel 11/02/2014 03:05:08 WIB
@susanleahy @BartVerswijvel Starting with reflection based on the results of an exercise or an exam is interesting #lslchat
Susan Leahy @susanleahy 11/02/2014 03:02:39 WIB
Very interesting #lslchat thank you all. Have to grab a bite of dinner now. It has given me some ideas 😊
Ben Bastiaensen @bbastiaensen 11/02/2014 02:59:39 WIB
#LSLCHAT I think this was a really interesting chat. I see the importance. But still having a hard time implementing it.
michael zeyringer @MZeyringer 11/02/2014 02:48:31 WIB
#LSLCHAT The VLE we use in my primary school has portfolios, but we don't use them yet. Any ideas for younger children to use portfolios?
Susan Leahy @susanleahy 11/02/2014 02:45:34 WIB
Not essential,but helpful.The skills necessary to create objects/items for p/folio may be key in later life. @fernandopintoPT #lslchat
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel 11/02/2014 02:44:06 WIB
@BartVerswijvel Portfolio idea for experienced pupils: presenting & explaining portfolio to younger groups #LSLCHAT
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Susan Leahy @susanleahy 11/02/2014 02:41:23 WIB
Has anyone used a blog as a way of collecting work for a digital portfolio? #lslchat
Ben Bastiaensen @bbastiaensen 11/02/2014 02:40:34 WIB
@fernandopintoPT @BartVerswijvel @susanleahy I agree. Self-regulation goes to the hart of learning. It's a way of being. #LSLCHAT
Susan Leahy @susanleahy 11/02/2014 02:39:49 WIB
Which is why training essential. And discussion of why we are doing it "like this" @bbastiaensen @BensBel @BartVerswijvel #lslchat
Susan Leahy @susanleahy 11/02/2014 02:38:43 WIB
. @bbastiaensen @BartVerswijvel Edmodo comes in handy there. Set a date beyond which you no longer accept uploaded #
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