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Tweets from BETT 2014 from January 24th 2014 onwards
Rory Gallagher 今から @EddieKayshun

The future of education is not about technology, it is about how much we listen to and value the opinions of students. #wpabett #bett2014

24/01/2014 14:59:25 WIB
Paul Dredge @dredgy85

On the way to #Bett2014 on the EasiBus with the @EasiPC crew

24/01/2014 15:00:57 WIB
eSchools @eschools

Primary pupils from Weymouth presenting LIVE on the eSchools stand at 12.40pm #Bett2014 @Bett_show

24/01/2014 15:01:11 WIB
Stuart Alan Cringle @StuartCringle

Happy Friday everyone. Heading to #Bett2014 before the weekend? Why not pay @CentraStage @Redstor a visit Stand A40.

24/01/2014 15:01:31 WIB
Kate Reynolds @duckegg86

In London and off to #bett2014 today then teachmeet later :-)

24/01/2014 15:03:05 WIB
eSchools @eschools

@DeputyMitchell is presenting LIVE at 1pm on the eSchools stand C360 today about @QuadBlogging @Bett_show #Bett2014

24/01/2014 15:03:14 WIB
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SparkyTeaching @SparkyTeaching

Not at #BETT2014, but bett sparky teachers there would appreciate our e-safety travelcards! #tmbett14

24/01/2014 15:04:36 WIB
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eSchools @eschools

We looking forward to @TimRylands presenting LIVE on the eSchools stand C360 at @Bett_show today #Bett2014

24/01/2014 15:04:40 WIB
Ian Fordham @ianfordham

Later today @ty_goddard takes over the chairing of the #bett2014 summit with the brilliant @GDavies_UCLAcad & @Simonpridham123 speaking

24/01/2014 15:04:46 WIB
Brendan Routledge @broutledge

Fab kids from The Oaks primary Ipswich on #wizefloor today at #Bett2014. #wielearning. Come and see us c525

24/01/2014 15:04:55 WIB
Gbénró Adégbolá ن @GbenroAdegbola

My feet are sore from dashing up and down the hall to meet appointments. So today I'll just sit at #Bett2014 Arena.

24/01/2014 15:05:03 WIB
eSchools @eschools

At 13.40pm today listen how eSchools is used in a special school on eSchools stand C360 @Bett_show #Bett2014

24/01/2014 15:06:28 WIB
Doug Belshaw's writing feed @dajbelshaw

Getting ready for #bett2014. Can't decide whether it or I have jumped the shark.

24/01/2014 15:07:17 WIB
eSchools @eschools

@ethinking is presenting LIVE on the eSchools stand C360 at 2pm today @Bett_show #bett2014

24/01/2014 15:08:00 WIB
nicola schofield @nicscho

@tomhenzley Good luck, don't be nervous - the adults know far less than you do! Check out 3d printers & 3d doodle pen. #wpabett #Bett2014

24/01/2014 15:10:00 WIB
Kathryn Evans @Kathrynwiki

iPhone charged spare battery packed, iPad charged, mac charged, ready for #Bett2014

24/01/2014 15:10:52 WIB
turn IT on @TurnITonSupport

Looking forward to @TimRylands presenting LIVE on the eSchools stand C360 at @Bett_show today #Bett2014

24/01/2014 15:11:02 WIB
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