#EMchat 92: International EM

Tonight's chat focused on international enrollment management. Recruiting, financial aid, data, and more. Check out the transcript for a great conversation. Join #EMchat every Thursday at 9PM ET!
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Carnegie Dartlet @CarnegieDartlet
T-minus one week! #CarnegieConf. Hat tip to our friends from @MagellanPromo_U and #EMChat for sponsoring this year. http://t.co/E5LVety1cE
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Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
9PM in Maryland and it's time to start this week's #EMchat! International EM. Join in the convo for the next hour! #IntlEd
Mark Cunningham @Cunningham527
Breaking out the good stuff for tonight's #emchat discussion on international recruitment! http://t.co/hRL5Gfroi0
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Tim Dunning @timdunning
grab an adult beverage and head to #EMchat for International Enrollment Management #CollegeCash
Fuji Fulgueras @fujifulgueras
Hi everyone! Here with Sam Adams Winter Lager - thought apropos #emchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
Grabbing a glass of wine and headed on over to #EMchat. Join us! International EM #highered http://t.co/iLFc9Jfot3
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
If this is your first #EMchat, check out http://t.co/Bo4lWkAtb4 to find out more about this great community!
Rebecca VanderMeulen @rebeccavm
Sorry to miss out on #EMchat. Went to grad orientation tonight and we're out of milk. Bad news with a toddler. :)
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
As usual, let's use the first few minutes to introduce ourselves - Whether your participating or just lurking, say hi! #EMchat
Jennielle Strother @EMjennielle
@UTIntlAdmission We crowdsourced Qs from #EMchat...so it will be a broad convo about International EM :) #EMchat
Alex Williams @AlexMWilliams_
@fujifulgueras I'm working with a Boston Lager myself, sir. Good choice :) #EMchat
Carnegie Dartlet @CarnegieDartlet
A quick resource for international student recruitment. http://t.co/j3CKCHteAq to help kick off #emchat Going Global: A Quick Quiz
Michael Wolaver @michaelwolaver
Lurking tonight with a glass of red wine! #emchat BYOW in my house.
Mark Schroeder @UTIntlDirector
@EMjennielle well hopefully it will be full of great info as always! #EMchat
Chris Butler @cmbutler
Missing tonights #EMChat for a recruiting reception in Atlanta...gotta bring in the next class of students to Georgia Southern!
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