#edchatie Number 116

A weekly discussion by Irish educators. The topic was "Strategies for improving literacy", Mon 20th January,2013.
improving schools strategies literacy
Mr. Dowdican @mrdowdican
Can't make #edchatie tonight but my contribution to improving literacy is subject specific placemats. Here's mine: http://t.co/4wtHQZC1et
Mark Carpenter @markcarpenter86
Marking essays is prompting me to reflect on nature of learning #philosophicaltweets #edchatie
Mark Carpenter @markcarpenter86
In all seriousness, I had the good fortune to have individual feedback from lecturers on essays on a weekly basis #edchatie
Mark Carpenter @markcarpenter86
I've been teaching these students since October and this is my first exposure to their writing. #edchatie
Mark Carpenter @markcarpenter86
Clear that theyre intelligent and well read but have much to learn in terms of how to write persuasively and in an structured way #edchatie
Seomra Ranga @seomraranga
Great to see teachers beginning to use the #Aistear hashtag to share tips and ideas. #edchatie
Mark Carpenter @markcarpenter86
I will only be able to give each of them limited feedback upon request and then won't see their writing again until the summer tho #edchatie
Mark Carpenter @markcarpenter86
Really shows (potential) value that educators can bring and makes me question wisdom of MOOCs for many different types of students #edchatie
John Heffernan @johnmayo
probably going to miss #edchatie tonight - organising TM BETT hangout on at the same time
fboss @fboss
In 5 minutes, the #edchatie discussion is on "Strategies for improving literacy". Join in online & share your thoughts
fboss @fboss
#edchatie discussed "What are the best ways to improve students' literacy & numeracy" almost a year ago http://t.co/hWcQ4evXOz <- pattern?
fboss @fboss
Welcome to tonight's #edchatie - before we begin, please introduce yourself (don't forget the hashtag at all times)
Simon Lewis @simonmlewis
Hi all. Simon Lewis, principal of Carlow Educate Together. Looking forward to #edchatie tonight. Any oral language ideas would be great!
fboss @fboss
Fred Boss, 2nd level art teacher, now with @NCCAie #edchatie
Svetlana Popovic @SvetsThinkTank
Svetlana, Chicago Literacy Coach K-8 Thank u for the invitation #edchatie
Ms.O' Dwyer @5j2014MsODwyer
KEY WORDS using mindmaps applications #coggle #mindmup #bubbl : can be us as an introduction/review/summary to improve literacy #edchatie
Andy Hanrahan @HanrahanAndy
@fboss #edchatie Andy teaching principal going off playing indoor soccer. Enjoy the chat . Give them ample time to free read and write
fboss @fboss
@SuticThinkTank Glad you could make it along to #edchatie from Chicago tonight/this afternoon/evening
Fiona Farry @ffarry1
Hi #edchatie Fiona in Donegal - busy trying to find baby photo of Junior Infant son for school tomorrow. They always tell me last minute!!
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