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@Angryarabiya, the day her father was sentenced

This is Zainab Al Khawaja's account of what happened when she cried "Allahu Akbar" in court after listening to the sentence which condamned her father and the other Bahraini opposition activists to life imprisonment. Some reactions from other tweeps are included at the end.
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

Hello all, tweeting from a prison called Bahrain. Where all Bahrainis have been serving a life-sentence under the oppression of the regime.

23/06/2011 04:49:11 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

Today, my father, prominent human rights activist, Abdulhadi Alkhawaja, has been sentenced to life in prison.

23/06/2011 04:51:00 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

My father is a just man, & as Thoreau wrote "Under a gov which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison"

23/06/2011 04:52:16 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

After the sentence was read, my father raised his fist & shouted "WE SHALL CONTINUE ON THE PATH OF PEACEFUL RESISTANCE!"

23/06/2011 04:55:58 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

they started violently shoving my father out of the court room. All I could think was "God is greater than these oppressors", so I said so

23/06/2011 04:59:48 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

as my brothers have been doing from their rooftops every night, I shouted "Allahu Akbar", until my mouth was covered by a military policeman

23/06/2011 05:02:56 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I was pulled out of court with my mouth covered, then taken to a room where i got handcuffed with my hands behind my back

23/06/2011 05:11:53 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

with me in the room was Jalila, teacher who has been imprisoned for being a part of the teachers association. Her trial was be4 my fathers

23/06/2011 05:14:33 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

Jalila hadn't seen her children for 68 days, the youngest is a 5 year old. Today she saw them for the 1st time since her arrest

23/06/2011 05:15:41 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

We looked @ each other & smiled, couldn't speak with all the military police in the room

23/06/2011 05:17:07 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

A military policeman came into the room, walking directly towards me and spat in my face. I looked away and smiled. Jalila looked v. upset

23/06/2011 05:18:55 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

Another policeman came in & started shouting "IF ONLY WE WERE IN TEHRAN WE COULD HAVE HANGED YOU A LONG TIME AGO!"

23/06/2011 05:21:02 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

Jalila quietly whispered "Are u Zainab", I nodded. I fely very bad for her, not seeing her children for that long broke my heart :(

23/06/2011 05:25:33 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

policeman started wagging his finger in my face "Today I used my hand to cover your mouth, next time I'll use something else to shut u up"

23/06/2011 05:27:21 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I looked away from him, & did not respond, #Sharp writes to overcome fear we must understand it. I breathed deeply to get my heart rate down

23/06/2011 05:30:51 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

The policeman cntnd "If u dare show ur face @ the appeal, I will show u wat i can do to you" I noticed his hands were trembling...

23/06/2011 05:32:58 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I cant say I wasn't afraid but with help of God I became v. calm & relaxed. I smiled alot with Jalila to let her know I'm ok.

23/06/2011 05:35:16 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I asked policewoman if I cd fix my scarf, she looked scared to talk to me. Jalila, who wasn't handcuffed, came over & fixed my scarf

23/06/2011 05:39:54 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

man wearing civilian clothes came into the room & asked me "Are you happy now, is this what u wanted? r u comfortable with those handcuffs"

23/06/2011 05:41:59 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I replied "I'm Bahraini, we're gettng used to this kind of treatment. My father is going through much worse"

23/06/2011 05:42:32 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

"Your father is a criminal!" he said. I looked at him, he looked away. "My father is not & has never been a criminal"

23/06/2011 05:43:44 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

"Ur uncle is outside, do u want to go to him, or do u want us to take u" he said smiling. "I'm the 1 in handcuffs I dont make the decisions"

23/06/2011 05:45:29 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

He said "I want to hear u asking me to plz take u to ur uncle", I said "no, I wont ask you for anything." He got angry & stormed out

23/06/2011 05:46:33 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

policewomen came & pulling me out, for 1st time I saw prison cells behind courtroom. I had always wondered were my father waited for court

23/06/2011 05:48:11 WIB


23/06/2011 05:49:50 WIB
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