HOW TO: Reform Education One Person At A Time

Sometimes, social problems can seem too big to address or fix. But the solutions aren't that difficult. They simply require buy-in on a group scale. The good news? Regardless of what others are doing, we can all effect change by being the change that we want to see in the world. (Shout-out to Ghandi) Read More

View this creative video to get an aerial view of how our current educational system functions.

Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Reading: Justices Rule for Wal-Mart in Bias Case, Sets Precedent For Other Class-Action Suits

21/06/2011 00:17:34 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Mars (action, anger) enters Gemini (communication) today, which is my placement. Wrote about how to avoid WWIII :)

21/06/2011 00:35:26 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

And here's a post on how this period of amped-up communication may affect people (you) in general:

21/06/2011 00:38:41 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Interesting that the SCOTUS judgment in favor of Wal-Mart today was based on verbal ambiguity. (See Mars in #Gemini concept)

21/06/2011 00:41:48 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Here's a post in plainer English (less astrologese): See if you begin to feel more like this btwn now and August 3.

21/06/2011 00:55:42 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Over the weekend, the #Virgo saw me reading an astro book & asked: So you believe in that? Me: It's not a belief. It's being observant.

21/06/2011 00:43:00 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

And, yes, I am fire in the courtroom. And yes, I scheduled court cases at times that benefited me. ;-) #MarsinGemini

21/06/2011 00:44:13 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

No. But I fight traffic tickets & win lawsuits. :D #amateur RT LifeofSubstance: @jazzzyone wait...are u an attorney?

21/06/2011 00:57:14 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

That's why I keep tryna tell these debate-hungry fools here that I don't waste my skills/energy on petty ish. :) #MarsinGemini

21/06/2011 01:02:33 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

I've seen/heard/studied/debated pros. People debate on Twitter for an ego-boost. I already believe/know I can win. No benefit to me. #payme

21/06/2011 01:06:49 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

My advice to people who also have Mars in an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Use your energy to spark minds & generate solutions.

21/06/2011 01:08:58 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Otherwise, you are wasting your energy and time for an ego fix...and we all know how you can debate FOREVER. #Mars #Gemini #Libra #Aquarius

21/06/2011 01:10:30 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Also, you might want to calm down on jumping into debates w/ people w/o considering their backgrounds. #ego #smackdowns

21/06/2011 01:12:26 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Many :) #Gemini RT @LifeofSubstance: @jazzzyone ah...i always wondered what kind of occupation u held.

21/06/2011 01:16:08 WIB
Innocence Lost @Art_N_Afros

@Jazzzyone I get emotionally sucked into debates blame my #MarsInCancer lol

21/06/2011 01:08:35 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Uh oh... :) #detach RT @ArtsyNerd83: @Jazzzyone I get emotionally sucked into debates blame my #MarsInCancer lol

21/06/2011 01:16:35 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

I may not fix the world but I guarantee you that I'll spark the minds that will. - Tupac (Gemini w/ Venus in Gemini & Mars in Aquarius)

21/06/2011 01:17:49 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Why I also keep telling strangers here not to follow me if they a) are niche thinkers b) only have a few interests c) can't connect dots.

21/06/2011 01:25:01 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

Or who don't *want* to connect dots. My timeline is wasted on people who fit into those categories. #disclaimers

21/06/2011 01:27:00 WIB
Jazzzy One @Jazzzyone

"Education reform" =/= just schools. I'm referring to cultural mindsets/philosophies. Don't ride this bus if you don't wanna get there.

21/06/2011 01:28:57 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

I'm going to try to bite my tongue on #warondrugs 40th anniversary and education+poverty until I sharpen my tongue.

21/06/2011 01:34:55 WIB
conz @radicalhearts

My eloquence has been all types of compromised lately.

21/06/2011 01:35:50 WIB
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