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From inside #Syria: some Western reporters' tweets

Mary Fitzgerald @MaryFitzger

Inspired slideshow showing career of the late, great Marie Colvin (killed in Syria in Feb) through her passport stamps

14/07/2012 01:40:24 WIB
Iona Craig أيونا كريچ @ionacraig

Marie Colvin scholarship details are behind paywall. Leading by her example of breaking the paywall, find details here:

05/08/2012 18:21:08 WIB

July 2012:

Louay Hussein @HusseinLouay

#Syria:The only role for the Int. community in Syria is to stop violence and allow a peaceful political struggle, the rest is Syrian affairs

02/07/2012 00:22:46 WIB
Louay Hussein @HusseinLouay

#Syria: It's too late to unite the opposition, the complexity of the Syrian crisis has gone beyond that goal @TayyarSyria

03/07/2012 06:36:22 WIB
Anita McNaught @anitamcnaught

Brave #Syria activist - this one Alawite. He deals with problems from both sides, but the new Syria will need him.

01/07/2012 20:53:11 WIB
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Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Syrian regime engages in systematic torture: HRW report #Syria via @guardian

03/07/2012 12:46:07 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Back from trip to near Aleppo. Women & children all gone from towns. No petrol. Not much cooking oil. Full state of war. #Syria

07/07/2012 00:39:39 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Towns near Aleppo eerily empty & haunting. Only people left are fighting men who bunker down till sunset then launch attacks #Syria

07/07/2012 00:45:40 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Rebels expecting imminent weapon run from Turkey. Two deliveries so far of 6,000 guns + bullets. Most went to Idlib #Syria

07/07/2012 00:43:02 WIB

@martinchulov Who is paying for these weapons shipments? Do you know? People swear the $$ isn't coming from Gulf states.

09/07/2012 09:28:39 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

@QuickMichael Usual suspects. The Libyans sent some cash too, but some of that originated in Qatar.

09/07/2012 21:40:18 WIB
Al Arabiya English @AlArabiya_Eng

Russia says will not deliver fighter planes to Syria while the situation remains unresolved: arms body #AlArabiya #Syria #Assad

09/07/2012 18:42:00 WIB
Jon Williams @WilliamsJon

Situation for journalists deteriorating in #Syria. @RSF_RWB : "33 media workers killed in uprising, 10 citizen journos dead since late May"

10/07/2012 17:47:50 WIB
Declan Walsh @declanwalsh

+1 MT @PaulHamilos: For those who question reporting from Syria here's why it's hard. 33 reporters killed says @RSF_RWB

10/07/2012 18:15:02 WIB
Ian Black @ian_black

Fascinating MUST READ al-Akhbar leak of meeting between Annan and Assad; uncomfortable reading for #Syria opposition.:

10/07/2012 21:42:16 WIB
Henry Kenrick @HenryKenrick

Detections keep coming RT @MahirZeynalov: 440 Syrians, including 2 colonels, 6 majors, 8 lt. colonels, 2 captains, fled to Turkey today.

11/07/2012 11:56:52 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

A view from near besieged Aleppo where those who remain cook scraps of food on wood fires #Syria

11/07/2012 23:29:03 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

No fuel. Little food & hope that ebbs & flows as the uprising grinds on #Syria #Aleppo via @guardian

11/07/2012 23:30:31 WIB
Anne-Marie Slaughter @SlaughterAM

This is horrific. RT PLEASE "The Ultimate Assault: Charting Syria's Use of Rape to Terrorize Its People" @TheAtlantic

12/07/2012 00:24:15 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Missed this 3 weeks back. But no less relevant now. 'The Cold War’s Arab Spring' #Syria via @tabletmag

12/07/2012 02:52:53 WIB
Defection of the Syrian ambassador in Iraq
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Extra Iraqi police deployed near Syrian emb in Baghdad say eyewitnesses as speculation mounts that Ambassador has defected #Syria

11/07/2012 23:39:28 WIB
Martin Chulov @martinchulov

Syria's ambassador to Iraq has defected, says opposition via @guardian

12/07/2012 02:43:04 WIB
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