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RIP Brian Haw, London's Parliament Square peace campaigner

Brian Haw passed away. He began his protest (against the UN sanctions against Iraq) in front of the Houses of Parliament, London, on 3 June, 2001 (about 10 years ago). Read Wikipedia: ... and his website: Read More
Tom Peck @tompeck

Peace campaigner Brian Haw has died, aged 62. In the early hours of yesterday morning. #brianhaw

19/06/2011 15:09:49 WIB
Paul Wynter @paullondonart

Brian Haw has sadly died, a true hero of our time.

19/06/2011 15:18:24 WIB


DAY 3668: SUNDAY JUNE 19TH 2011.

"Saturday 18th June 2011

"Dear friends and supporters,

"It is with deepest regret that I inform you that our father, Brian, passed away this morning.

"As you know he was battling lung cancer, and was having treatment in Germany.

"He left us in his sleep and in no pain, after a long, hard fight. ..."

James Dixon @thejamesdixon

MT @tom_watson: Brian Haw has died - I used to buy him drinks. He had no idea I was a defence minister.

19/06/2011 15:18:24 WIB
Victoria King @MrsVKing

We're getting word here that long-time peace campaigner Brian Haw has died - firming it up now - keep an eye on the Beeb for more

19/06/2011 15:23:21 WIB

Happy trails Brian Haw. I was lucky enough to meet him once very briefly. Amazing man. I wish I had a 1,000th of his strength and commitment

19/06/2011 15:23:24 WIB
Stephen Moss @StephenMossGdn

Appropriate, perhaps, that Brian Haw should die on the day Nato was 'protecting civilians' by killing children in Tripoli

19/06/2011 15:23:51 WIB
Paul Burgin @Paul_Burgin

Apparently Brian Haw has died. I managed to interview him once for my blog

19/06/2011 15:24:45 WIB
John Kerlen @Sir_Olly_C

I met Brian Haw a few times, crazier than bat-shit but he always took the time to talk to you...

19/06/2011 15:26:17 WIB
Thom Townsend @thomtownsend

Sad to hear of death of Brian Haw,he made Parliament Sq a place that continually held govt to account for it's wars.

19/06/2011 15:26:45 WIB
chris @crumblechris

Brian Haw- the parliament square protestor has died. Whilst many don't like his style, his determination and passion can only be commended.

19/06/2011 15:27:51 WIB
Alan Muhammed 🔶 @alansm

Can't see anything on the BBC about Brian Haw.

19/06/2011 15:28:12 WIB
Will Jordan @willjordan

Sorry to see this. Fond of the mad fella. RT @politicshomeuk Brian Haw has died:

19/06/2011 15:28:19 WIB
Lorenzo Amisano @LorenzoAmisano Brian Haw e' morto. Lo annunciano i suoi collaboratori nel sito. Brian viveva in tenda a Parliament Sq, da + di 10 anni

19/06/2011 15:28:52 WIB
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