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Accessibility on the Move: Optimizing your websites for mobile accessibility & usability

@karlgroves, @pauljadam, @goodwitch, and @dboudreau kicked off the discussion with their thoughts and questions on mobile accessibility and the best accessible mobile devices, and more!
Denis Boudreau @dboudreau

Ready for the 5 o'clock #a11yChat? We sure are! Topic today is "mobile accessibility" with @karlgroves @pauljadam @goodwitch and myself.

21/08/2012 04:00:30 WIB
Deque Systems @dequesystems

August #a11ychat has started! Our topic is optimizing for mobile accessibility. Bring your questions and comments.

21/08/2012 04:03:11 WIB
Paul J. Adam @pauljadam

Question for actual users of accessible mobile devices: What mobile devices do use as assistive technology? #a11ychat #a11y

21/08/2012 04:04:06 WIB
Paul J. Adam @pauljadam

Question for designers/developers: Do you only support a specific set of mobile devices and operating systems? If so which ones? #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:06:25 WIB
Glenda Sims @goodwitch

@pauljadam lots of my friends with visual disabilities use iPhone with VoiceOver. #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:06:58 WIB
Paul J. Adam @pauljadam

@zkline: @pauljadam iPhone and MacBook Pro, with VoiceOver, and a Braille Edge braille display.” #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:07:09 WIB
Glenda Sims @goodwitch

Do you have any web accessibility testing tools that you usually use on your desktop that you can use on mobile. #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:07:50 WIB
Russell Heimlich @kingkool68

@pauljadam Do you support specific devices? No. Anything that can run a web browser is our target #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:08:48 WIB
Sina Bahram @SinaBahram

Does coding to standards mean same #mobile #accessibility bang for your buck as it does on desktop #browsers? #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:09:13 WIB
Karl Groves @karlgroves

@pauljadam Interesting mention by Wayne Dick re: preference for Kindle over iPad #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:09:17 WIB
Paul J. Adam @pauljadam

For #VoiceOver #a11y users read the accessible HTML version of the iPhone User Guide here #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:11:07 WIB
John F Croston III @jfc3

works not set for one mobile devices, but alomost 75% of our traffic is from Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and iTouch). #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:11:10 WIB
John F Croston III @jfc3

if memory serves me correctly all the other mobile devices don't add up to that of just the iPad and iTouch. #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:12:18 WIB
Denis Boudreau @dboudreau

@SinaBahram I've always found it much more difficult to measure the #ROI of #a11y on mobile browsers than on desktop browsers. #a11yChat

21/08/2012 04:12:35 WIB
Paul J. Adam @pauljadam

@karlgroves Good to point out that Kindles work well for people w/ low vision by allowing custom control over text formatting! #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:12:36 WIB
Sina Bahram @SinaBahram

@dboudreau To that end, are there tools that report good #a11y metrics with a #mobile focus? #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:13:33 WIB
Glenda Sims @goodwitch

I learned from @pauljadam that you can use Jim Thatcher's Favelets in any mobile browser to test for #a11y #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:13:37 WIB
Karl Groves @karlgroves

Jellybean has new "Gesture Mode" & supports plugins to enable things like braille output. Has anyone used? #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:14:19 WIB
Steve Buell @SteveBuell

In terms of cost effectiveness, isn't it easier to develop web apps optimized for mobile than multiple platforms? Pitfalls? #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:14:35 WIB
Sina Bahram @SinaBahram

@jfc3 Speaking of #iPad, it used to be 7 to 1 compared to #iPhone, now it's 2 to 1. #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:14:45 WIB
Karl Groves @karlgroves

@jsutt actually looking into that for a mobile app I'm building. Looks compelling. Not sure about a11y #a11ychat

21/08/2012 04:14:48 WIB
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