#EAPchat - August 20, 2012

How do we motivate our students who have unconditional offers?
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

Thanks to @Student_Again for a nice talk. =) Have a great week! #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:58:06 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

So, I'll keep everyone updated on the FB page and 4C #EAPchat page. http://t.co/RwbCxxl0 #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:57:48 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

OK, so a small chat today, but a worthy topic. Our next chat should be Sept 3, but I won't be around (holiday in Canada),... #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:57:26 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

@Student_Again True. We had 2 or 3 plagiarisers... though only 1 who continued to do so throughout. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:50:19 WIB
Emma Clarke @Clarke__Emma

#EAPchat @seburnt I had about 10% failure too. Mostly those who received unconditional offers. 1 who plagiarised everything!

21/08/2012 00:45:13 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

@Student_Again Very good point. We have alumni take a S to class a few times a year. I forgot about that. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:44:22 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

MT @Student_Again: S went to sit in on a lecture on his chosen course. It scared him to see the level - his motivation soared after #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:43:53 WIB
Emma Clarke @Clarke__Emma

#EAPchat a student of mine went to sit in on a lecture on his chosen course. It scared him to see the level - his motivation soared after

21/08/2012 00:42:17 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

Are there any other motivators for EAP students from other EAP teachers out there? ;) #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:36:56 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

The earlier they get realistic grades on tests/assignments, the earlier the chance that they will become more motivated, imho. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:26:18 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

This tends to wake some up as well. Still, many don't really get the severity of the issue until after Term 1 (Dec). #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:25:32 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

...the first time in their lives, which makes them realise that they can't coast and get 80% like possibly in high school. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:25:00 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

We also have an "October Crisis", during which we have our first tests and assignments due. It's hard. Lots get low marks for... #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:24:39 WIB
School of Languages @sl_socialimedia

RT @Sharonzspace: #EAPchat Monday, Aug 20 in 15 mins: How do we motivate students who already have unconditional (or conditional)... http://t.co/EViNMRTp

21/08/2012 00:23:40 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

I'd say about 30% of the mark is achieved as a group. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:22:37 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

Agreed @Student_Again, pressure from group work is def a motivator. We do several group marks. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:22:24 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

@Student_Again @seburnt well mine are pre masters, so more mature, but I had late dropouts due to receiving unconditional offers. #EAPchat

21/08/2012 00:21:24 WIB
Emma Clarke @Clarke__Emma

#EAPchat I think collaborative work /projects between Ss could be a motivator, as they'd be letting their peers down as opposed to teachers.

21/08/2012 00:21:13 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

@Student_Again Do you have a high failure rate? Ours sits at about 10%. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:19:54 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

(... we've talked about this in previous chats) so don't go into it really understanding the workload. Rude awakening though. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:19:31 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

My students, not all, but some, tend to initially think of our EAP program still as an ESL class that is "fun" (...) #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:19:06 WIB
Emma Clarke @Clarke__Emma

@seburnt #EAPchat I try to explain the importance of finishing the course regardless, but it only worked with ONE student.

21/08/2012 00:18:54 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

@Student_Again Do you find them motivated to do the work then? I'm in a similar situation. #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:15:46 WIB
Tyson Seburn @seburnt

Still, because of age and maturity, my students still aren't always the most motivated to work hard. What works? #eapchat

21/08/2012 00:14:10 WIB
Emma Clarke @Clarke__Emma

#EAPchat for the most part, my students have cond offers & based on Ss meeting the particular requirements set by the uni, they get in.

21/08/2012 00:14:03 WIB
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