Transcript: Gamma Rays From The Galactic Center and the WMAP Haze

Transcript from the first meeting of the Astronomy Twitter Journal Club. The paper under discussion can be found at and was suggested by @skyponderer
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astrojournalclub @astronomyjc
Hello everyone & welcome to the first meeting of #astrojc. We're going to discuss Gamma rays from the galactic centre & the WMAP haze
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc
Firstly, introductions: I'm Emma, postdoc astronomer, mainly working on AGN evolution & I'm going to attempt to chair this! #astrojc
James ℹ️ @jaclong
I'm reading this 'ere #astrojc paper It's very interesting. It's testing my limits but I think I get the gist.
Kash Farooq @kashfarooq
@_ajtc And I'm Kash - helping Emma with this venture #astroJC
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc
Anybody else want to introduce themselves? Are there any dark matter/CMB experts here? #astrojc
Arie Nouwen @AdrianusV
I'm Arie from the Netherlands, AKA Adrianus V. I've tried to read the paper, but I'm not a pro, so it's though. #astrojc
Marco Kotrotsos @The_Netherlands
RT @AdrianusV: I'm Arie from the Netherlands, AKA Adrianus V. I've tried to read the paper, but I'm not a pro, so it's though. #astrojc
chrislintott @chrislintott
Typical - like a normal journal club I'm late and have only skimmed the paper. #astrojc
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc
If you're using TweetChat to follow the discussion you can block retweets in 'User Control' #astrojc (via @kashfarooq)
chrislintott @chrislintott
I'm Chris, by the way, head honcho at @the_zooniverse. By training an astrochemist #astrojc
Dr Matt Burleigh @Matt_Burleigh
Matt Burleigh here, from Leicester Uni. Not an expert on dark matter & cosmology! #astroJC
Eli Bressert @elibressert
@astronomyjc I'm Eli Bressert. A PhD student studying star formation and clusters. Not a dark matter/CMB expert ;) #astrojc
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc
@chrislintott Well, that's good if you want it to be a normal journal club experience! #astrojc
James ℹ️ @jaclong
@_ajtc If I may.. I'm a bit amateur, but I'll give a flippant summary of the paper. #astroJC
Arie Nouwen @AdrianusV
Question: they're mentioning CoGeNT & DAMA/LIBRA. Why isn't there a reference to PAMELA? Didn't they found the same thing? #astrojc
Saint Aardvark @saintaardvark
@_atjc I'm another non-pro; I've gone over the paper a few times, but like @AdrianusV it's tough. :-) #astrojc
Brooke Simmons @vrooje
Going to stay awake after a long #cosmos2011 excursion day to try and talk intelligently about dark matter for #astroJC.
Meg Schwamb @megschwamb
Hi, I'm Meg postdoc fellow at Yale and a planetary astronomer working on @planethunters and studying KBOs #astroJC
James ℹ️ @jaclong
#astrojc I think it's saying "Dark matter is probably weird. We've seen some weird stuff. Therefore it might be dark matter" Right track?
astrojournalclub @astronomyjc
Key points: gamma-rays from galactic centre could be caused by annihilating dark matter & could explain microwave haze seenby WMAP #astrojc
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