When Psychology Students Tweet...

Here's what they tweet about (warning: this is a non-random selection and therefore not scientifically valid!)
Yara Kassis @YaraKassis
We're Watching A Video In Psychology. I'm Most Def Not Paying Attention. #Senioritis (:
el tranqui @eddy_arturo
I think I'm the only one that started laughing when our psychology professor put a sexual behavior video on & two monkeys started mating.
Christine Good @christine_good
Just watched a child birth video in psychology. Thanks for reminding me why I never ever want to have a child #ifeelsick
Sarahenretty @Sarahenretty
Talking about giving birth in class. IT'S OFFICIAL IM ADOPTING #psychology
Sir Doe (Sage of The South) @SirDoe
Psychology class was kool. We discuss penis envy, Clark doll study, humanistic, & guys wanting vagina.
Daniel∞Falcon @DanFalconFake
There sure are a lot of girls in this psychology of women class
Vinny @VinnyPal32
#ThatAwkwardMoment when your psych teacher tells you everything on the fri exam was what we learned today...and you slept the entire class
Gloria @thehoranme
Watching rats have sex in psych class.. Ahahhaha
Reine Geneve @La_Reine_Geneve
Just cause u took a psych class doesn't make u a psychologist #KeepItRealMondays
Marion M @MarionMangunay
It's so uncomfortable hearing my really really OLD professor talk about sexual behavior/activity in my adolescent psych class. #killme

czar @CZARdina
#thatawkwardmoment when u watch a movie in gen. Psych. Class an have to witness a full on child birth. #wearyourrubbersboys
RT @maggieemariee: All we talk about in this class is sex, wierd dreams, gays, and more sex. ....it's cool. #psychology
Annie Lindburg @AnnieLindburg
Talking bout sex in my psychology class.. haha #awkward
Psychology is the same shit every class. Sex drugs and feelings
RTE @rah2smoove
I love this Child Psych class. It gives so much insight on parenthood and how I'm not ready. #SafeSex
Chazaz @Adeazagra
Real Human brains in psych class today. Thanks #organdonors
I think I literally lost brain cells in my last class. #psychology #of #art #worstclassever
elyssa @iamelyssa
Watched Lost in my Psychology class. #winning
kortnee @KortIngrassia
Were suppose to write down our dreams in my psychology class. One problem, my dreams are inappropriate #ratedR
Correlation and Causation Explained (humorous, but helpful too):

nicolette miller @NickiMille
My psychology teacher just put a picture of a sleeping baby on the screen. Everyone in the class said awh while I said ew
Nick Coleianne @littleguy420
Attn psychology class: this isn't a time to seek answers about your personal problems #thanks
med @_medinho
psychology class today: saw a past 1 night stand #fail hit on a minor #doublefail and fell asleep while learning about dreams #triplefail
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Michael Britt @mbritt 02/11/2011 23:25:37 WIB
Added some video to my collection of psychology student tweets!
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