7th Dialogue seminar of ICRP, Iwaki, Fukushima (Day1) Nov. 30th, 2013

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ICRP dialogue meeting 7th. Mr.Lochard greeting message started. first time, at Hamatdori. Iwaki.

30/11/2013 07:35:56 WIB
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dialogue started 2years ago. this time. Title. self-help actions in Iwaki and Hamadori.

30/11/2013 07:38:06 WIB
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Introduction of each perticipants.

30/11/2013 07:40:43 WIB
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Mr.Lochard:1st session. challenges of the Suetsugi. Ms.Ando. actions in suetsugi, living conditons of Suetsugi.

30/11/2013 07:50:31 WIB
URL YouTube 20131130DialogueSession1a(video)HD セッション1 末続の取り組み "末続のみなさんと私たちでしてきたこと" 安東量子(福島のエートス)
hiroki @hirokiharoki

Ms.Ando: Fukushima's Ethos. small study groop. we meagured. but still difficult. 2012.March. we did. measured. talked. communicated.

30/11/2013 07:52:54 WIB

typo corrections:
groop --> group
meagured --> measured
grahp --> graph

hiroki @hirokiharoki

measured external exposure. personal dosimeter. excel. data. grahp. then, we gathered. talked. not all ppl have dosimeter, but many data.

30/11/2013 07:54:12 WIB
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we discussed. what we do. And we also measured internal exposure. Hirata Hospital. WholeBodyCounter. 122ppl. 2nd time:39ppl. then we gathere

30/11/2013 07:55:56 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

discussed. what these data meant. each time. what we found out. Suetsugi district. same as other Fukushima areas.

30/11/2013 07:57:08 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

food. ppl. did not found difference. some grow home veggy. others buy store. no difference. we asked ppl. WBC is for internal. meanings for

30/11/2013 07:59:14 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

measurement. related to food habit. diet. what they eat. ppl stared eating Fukushima local food. data showed no difference. ppl . confident.

30/11/2013 08:00:38 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

ppl used to avoid Fukushima food. but after 2nd wbc data, they have confident. no problem eating local food. Donation. we bought FoodCounter

30/11/2013 08:02:11 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

bit difficult. old ppl difficult to walk to the test place. rather difficult to operate. challenges. dosemeter is more userfriendly. but

30/11/2013 08:03:30 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

we need kind of administrator to operate this food measurement machine. another thing. we will understand after we check. checking 3 points.

30/11/2013 08:05:07 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

dosemeter, WBC, food counter. we do not need to fear. after we check data. we can understand the value. how much. ckeck this fig. dosemeter

30/11/2013 08:07:27 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

showing data1hour by 1hour. high points here are when Mr.Hayano was on airplane. Ms.Ando's dose data. see? getting low. month by month.

30/11/2013 08:09:16 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

measuring alone won't help. area. surrounding. envirnment. where you live. understanding. important. known factors. professionals. ask.help

30/11/2013 08:10:42 WIB
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discuss.many professionals visit Suetsugi. interpriters,too. volunteers. many ppl support us. Interner. through. we also sending out info.

30/11/2013 08:12:05 WIB
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end. Mr.Lochard:impressive. "we" you starded. doemeter. internal exposure. because its so community approach. corporation. they are doing.

30/11/2013 08:13:44 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

professionals come for 'support.' go on.

30/11/2013 08:14:17 WIB
hiroki @hirokiharoki

next.Dialogues with Suetsugi inhabitants. Ms.Ando, and Suetsugi ppl.

30/11/2013 08:15:36 WIB
URL YouTube 20131130DialogueSession1b(video)HD セッション1 末続の取り組み "末続で暮らしてきて" 安東量子 遠藤節子(末続) 遠藤正子(末続) 半谷陽子(末続)
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