7th Dialogue seminar of ICRP, Iwaki, Fukushima (Day2) Dec. 1st, 2013

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Day2. Opening. Mr.Lochard:Good morning. new perticipants. introductions.

01/12/2013 07:36:35 WIB
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challenges of Iwaki and Hamadori. Mr.Niwa: Mr.Kawano got flu.Dr.stopped him. Mr.Kawano is doing Iwaki science cafe. info. get together.

01/12/2013 07:39:29 WIB
URL YouTube 20131201DialogueSession4a(video)HD セッション4 いわきと浜通りの取り組み "いわきサイエンスカフェの活動" 河野拓馬(いわき、市水産振興室)... 欠席のため代読
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discuss things. 1ce a month held. members. Iwaki... photo. we can see. serious discussion. sensitive atomosfere. tense. monitoring sea.

01/12/2013 07:42:00 WIB
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1st meetin g2011Nov. overcome this situation. science. thinking widely. sea products. emergy monitoring. sea water,too. expalined radiation

01/12/2013 07:43:29 WIB

explained radiation nuclides.

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niclides. how to do. accept. Fukushima maritime issue. iwaki soup for lunch they enjoied. q. posted on the board. then discuss. merit of

01/12/2013 07:44:58 WIB
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this meeting. 4 to 5 group. talk. every single questions. more actively discuss. photo. 19th science cafe here. more active.

01/12/2013 07:46:20 WIB
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discussion.more active. lively. busy.chairman. other things. simple selfintroduction. more friendly. homely. perticipants. marine industry.

01/12/2013 07:47:37 WIB
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cafe more. together. more ppl. not complete idea. Dec. test fish monitoring started. TokyoMaritimeUniv.Prof attending. Iwaki website.anounce

01/12/2013 07:48:57 WIB
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end. Mr.Lochard:very clear presentensation. pity.Mr.Kawano was absent. interesting topic. any adding? q? Iwaki situation. about.

01/12/2013 07:50:38 WIB
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what interesting is. evolved. first,someone standing. ending, ppl sit together,face to face, friendly.food,too. extremly important. pplTalk

01/12/2013 07:51:53 WIB
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exchange views,ID. this is what important. emotion of ppl. evoke. meeting soleny someone informing others,...its useful. but. telling stor

01/12/2013 07:52:52 WIB

telling stories more, here

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more, here, like yesterday's meetings. next session. now. Mr.Sato:actions taken by Iwaki district recovery center.

01/12/2013 07:54:30 WIB
URL YouTube 20131201DialogueSession4b(video)HD セッション4 いわきと浜通りの取り組み "いわき地域復興センターの取り組み" 佐藤健二(いわき明星大学科学技術学部)

related link: Iwaki Community Reconstruction Center

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sciense cafe. I 1ce talked.16th. I also ate soup.delisious! talked. Iwaki ppl. while eating, talked. 30-40min session. experience was great.

01/12/2013 07:57:21 WIB
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Iwaki community construction center. I'm Sato. 3party colaborated. radiation. measure. Iwaki Meisei Univ. here. located. south 20km.

01/12/2013 07:59:26 WIB
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march11,2011. affected new entrance reduced drastically. at the accident time, we evacuated. Iwaki to Tokyo, by bus. head quoters. phone.all

01/12/2013 08:00:48 WIB
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call all student. safe. explain about radiology. since then, verious activities. my lab, after quake. mess. photo. no able to go in. In May.

01/12/2013 08:02:08 WIB
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borrowed. 250stundents.new entree. Univ. public. what we can do? we had simple radiation check device. I checked around univ. I was not sure

01/12/2013 08:03:51 WIB
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accurate data we could take. later, survey meter. we could use. president had the device. beeping. this can be used to check soil radiation

01/12/2013 08:05:10 WIB
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