#EMchat 87: Cross-Campus Collaboration

Tonight's #EMchat centered on cross-campus collaboration. The chat was inspired by the #SKcollaborate hashtag from the Scannel & Kurz team. They joined us for the chat and we talked about some great initiatives happening at institutions across the US. Join #EMchat every Thursday at 9pm ET!
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Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock
Got my @3rdStBrewhouse Pale Ale ready to MOD #EMchat in 7 minutes! Get your drinks ready, friends! http://t.co/KRXQROU4Zn
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Tim Dunning @timdunning
5 min until #EMchat talking about cross campus collaboration #collegecash join in!
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock
EXCESSIVE TWEET WARNING! It's 8pm CST on Thursday, which means it's #EMchat time! Join us in talking cross-campus collaboration!
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock
Let's start with intros! Name, title, institution and favorite #SoundOfMusicLive song! #EMchat
Aaron Mahl @aaronmahl
Aaron Mahl, EM Consultant with @ScannellKurz, favorite #SoundOfMusicLive song will be the last one...because it will be over. #EMChat
Tim Schuldt @TimSchuldt
Tim Schuldt, Research Strategist with @ScannellKurz...and ditto to Aaron's #SoundofMusicLive comment. #EMChat
Jim Olick @JimOlick
Jim Olick, Sr #FinAid Anaylst enjoying an end of #SAdoc term glass of wine and ready for #EMchat
Adam Castro @AdamCastroEdu
Hey #EMchat! Joining on my phone tonight since my son jammed crayons in our desktop CPU fan. No excessive tweet warning needed. #huntandpeck
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock
I'm Jillian, Asst Dir of Admission at @csbsju in beautiful Central MN. (Current temp: 3 degrees) I'll be your MOD tonight! #EMchat
Chris Butler @cmbutler
@jhiscock Chris Butler, Georgia Southern University...Do-Re-Mi #EMChat
Eric Nichols @enichols679
Eric, Director of Admission, at @saintanselm in NH. Hi everyone! #EMchat
Kerry Terrell @kerryterrell
Kerry Terrell, Marketing Director, MBA Programs, UofGeorgia. Not going anywhere near #SoundofMusicLive. It's my 1st #EMchat!
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock
@AdamCastroEdu Oh no...that's horrible! Sending you good computer fairy vibes! #EMchat
Mary Piccioli @marypiccioli
Different from my S&K colleagues, #soundofmusic is an all time fav movie #emchat
Chris Butler @cmbutler
@kerryterrell Welcome fellow #emchat from the great state of Georgia!
Jillian Hiscock (she/her) @jhiscock
We are excited to have the folks from @ScannellKurz here tonight to chat about cross-campus collaboration! #EMchat
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