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Tweeting journalists live from #Tripoli, #Libya

A team of Sky News and journalists from BBC News. UPDATE: Part 2 (11 - 19 June)
Miked @Cameragimp

Another very clear night & it's still very quiet here. Hopefully the moon will appear, fingers crossed.

27/05/2011 02:45:35 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

I haven't heard a jet in the sky for a while now, only the sound of occasional gun fire. I think they might be busy else where.

27/05/2011 03:36:27 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

The only thing that's giving me trouble is the mosquitos.

27/05/2011 03:38:24 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

Another 5 explosion rockthe area in the directionof Gaddafi compound. Filmed missile coming in, then a light flash followed by huge explosn.

27/05/2011 05:32:36 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

Missile came in then it flameup for the final thrust into target, sounded like 2 thousand pound missile like on Monday night. Jaydam missile

27/05/2011 05:38:56 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

This was about 2300 or 11pm ish. First the jets circled then first onehit followed by the 1 I filmed which left a trail. About 40 mins ago.

27/05/2011 05:42:55 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

Another beautiful day in Tripoli, perfect weather. Already done 3 lives, more to come. I'll post incoming missile footage link soon.

27/05/2011 14:47:00 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

Here is that video link of last nights missile. Any ideas what kind of missile it is?

27/05/2011 15:45:42 WIB
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Miked @Cameragimp

Libyans say in tonight's press conference that NATO a not interested peace

28/05/2011 02:09:24 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

They say that western heads have mislead there own public.

28/05/2011 02:12:19 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

The say that they have no other options but to continue - they tried to call a ceasefire. @ end of the day the west will be the loser.

28/05/2011 02:28:12 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

They say that weapons are going across boarder into Egypt.

28/05/2011 02:31:57 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

Bombing has start again near Gaddafi compound.

28/05/2011 15:17:19 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

First bomb didn't work so I think they sent another to destroy the first bomb plus what ever they were targeting in the first place.

28/05/2011 16:24:43 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

No explosion heard near the Rixos hotel, it's been very quiet here for about 24 hours. Lots more people in the hotel.

29/05/2011 23:34:40 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

Nothing has happen here in Tripoli for about 24 hours all quiet. Very quiet here nothing to report except the weather which is stunning.

29/05/2011 23:53:14 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

The view from APs balcony. Those strange wooden things in the woods are nothing I checked them out.

30/05/2011 00:22:03 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

Here's the view from the back of hotel looking into it, a very calm place at the moment.

30/05/2011 00:27:19 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

A peaceful world - one day perhaps. Then we can all enjoy the simple things in life, like these.

30/05/2011 00:37:40 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

No pics or footage of the big fellas compound as we're not aloud near it.

30/05/2011 00:47:34 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

Zuma left on a his plane around 7ish. Without a statement - which I recon this means nothing has been agreed to and so it's game on.

31/05/2011 03:24:24 WIB
Miked @Cameragimp

The minders had us waiting in Gaddafi's compound for about 4 hours. Then took us on wild goose chase to another hotel. Before we walkout.

31/05/2011 03:34:47 WIB
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