If you could only set 1 language goal for your next 10 clients - which would you choose? Why? #SLPsnQs #SLPeeps
KNN @samplergal1
@SLPTanya #SLPsnQs #SLPeeps. To explain readings/activities/events in a logical sequential manner. B/c that is communicating.
Alison Stepp @SLPAli
@SLPTanya #SLPsnQs #slpeeps to be able to write a narrative: that would cover sequencing, fiction/non, sentence struc, directions, etc.
@nicpower but how do you target the vocab? (pls put in the #SLPsnQs tag in your response)
also, big thanks to @zealousidler who inspired the #SLPsnQs tag - love it!
RT @ChickLitLisa: @SLPTanya and materials presented orally & verbally (up to short story in length). Receptive would be implied #SLPsnQs
RT @amanda20slp: @SLPTanya Will retell story or event (e.g. daily task, pers exp) in sequential order. Covers conv. skills lacking #SLPsnQs
RT @ChickLitLisa: @ChickLitLisa or use "age appropriate materials presented orally and verbally" instead of short story part #SLPsnQs
RT @sanneSLT: @SLPTanya A goal for participation with their surrounding. (is that to wide?) #SLPsnQs
What aspect of your profession gives you the most satisfaction? Why? Please include > #SLPsnQs in your response #SLPeeps
John du Bois (He/Him or They/Them) @ GenCan’t @JohnduBois
Most satisfying part of my job:  Watching someone's face after he/she uses an AAC device to "speak" for the first time in 40 years #SLPsnQs 
CATTS Ireland @cattsireland
Early intervention gives me the most satisfaction. Seeing the fruits of therapy years later and the joy on parents' faces. #SLPsnQs
Kelly @PrairieSLP
@SLPTanya Seeing the lightbulb go on for kids and parents when they really GET something we've been working on. #SLPsnQs
Amanda W @amanda20slp
@SLPTanya I enjoy early language skills. It's so rewarding to see a student who once whined to respond now use words! #SLPeeps #SLPsnQs
RT @SLPsunshine: workn w tchers 2 figure out a tough kiddo bc collaborating w/ other prof's is like the puzzle pcs fitting tgthr #SLPsnQs
Deb @Deb_SLP
@slptanya #SLPsnQs #SLPeeps The best part of being an SLP: making a difference in the life of a child AND progress, progress, progress
Samuel @sammyslp
#SLPsnQs #SLPeeps #slpchat most rewarding; meeting pt who had VitalStim 3 times w/ no effect; responds to 2 wks of DPNS & eats reg diet now!
Kimberly Murphy @kimberlyslp
@SLPTanya #SLPsnQs #SLPeeps The look on a child's face when they realize for the 1st time that they really CAN learn to read and spell!
Kimberly Murphy @kimberlyslp
@SLPTanya #SLPsnQs #SLPeeps or when a parent thanks you and you just know it's from a special place in their heart :)
Kimberly Murphy @kimberlyslp
@SLPTanya #SLPsnQs #SLPeeps When you tell a child it's time for them to say "You're fired!" (i.e., when they've achieved all their goals)
Acey Holmes @aceymorgan
@slptanya putting a pt back on PO & seeing a fam mbr hear the pt's voice for the 1st time in a long time w/ PMV. #slpeeps #slpsnQs
What is your most versatile therapy resource? Do you use it in ways it wasn't intended - how/why? #SLPsnQs #SLPeeps
Gina @namastebyday
@SLPTanya Good question. I use the same ole boring stuff over and over. My goal for next year is to branch out with materials.
Sean Sweeney @SpeechTechie
@SLPTanya for me it's story grammar marker, I am always finding new ways to use it. I would have said this anyway even tho #theypayme
Loving that people are jumping in with therapy ideas - don't forgot to put #SLPsnQs in your response ;)
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