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Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel 20/11/2013 03:06:54 WIB
'See you' next time. It was nice networking with you all. <3 #LSLCHAT
Arjana Blazic @abfromz 20/11/2013 03:06:13 WIB
And wishing you all nice, creative flexible learning spaces in your schools :-) #LSLCHAT
Ben Bastiaensen @bbastiaensen 20/11/2013 03:04:12 WIB
Was great talking to you all. Hope to c u again next time. #LSLCHAT
Bart Verswijvel @BartVerswijvel 20/11/2013 03:03:22 WIB
Thank you all for this #lslchat night. We now also have Chirpstory will follow Have nice evening!
Bart Verswijvel @BartVerswijvel 20/11/2013 03:01:01 WIB
#lslchat I like this one: maybe not pol. correct (sorry)
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Nádori Gergely @gnadori 20/11/2013 03:00:24 WIB
The space sets the mood for learning. From then on it's the teacher's job. #LSLCHAT
Nádori Gergely @gnadori 20/11/2013 02:59:26 WIB
I think the learning space is important. Students, parents, guests are all impressed when they enter our school. #LSLCHAT
Marie-Leet Bens @BensBel 20/11/2013 02:58:11 WIB
What about parents? Do they like spaced learning? Press knows! #LSLCHAT
Nádori Gergely @gnadori 20/11/2013 02:58:05 WIB
@BartVerswijvel In may school we have mobile desks, and carpets everywhere. but we are special #LSLCHAT
Arjana Blazic @abfromz 20/11/2013 02:57:36 WIB
@bbastiaensen Indeed, it's not about furniture nor technology, it's about learning #LSLCHAT
Ben Bastiaensen @bbastiaensen 20/11/2013 02:56:24 WIB
#LSLCHAT. in the end it's not the classroom, but what you do in it which is important.
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Arjana Blazic @abfromz 20/11/2013 02:56:12 WIB
A blog can be a learning space too, can't it? #lslchat
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Bart Verswijvel @BartVerswijvel 20/11/2013 02:55:31 WIB
@gnadori How is your classroom in Hungary? Any flexibility? #lslchat
Nádori Gergely @gnadori 20/11/2013 02:55:20 WIB It is very interesting about school design by the principal of the Sydney school. #LSLCHAT
Bart Verswijvel @BartVerswijvel 20/11/2013 02:52:04 WIB
#lslchat Get ready for traditional ending in about 10 minutes. Tweet your edcartoons about classrooms!
Nádori Gergely @gnadori 20/11/2013 02:52:01 WIB
The Sydney school talks about the drinking well, campfire and cave settings. #LSLCHAT
Kornelia Lohynova @lohynova 20/11/2013 02:52:00 WIB
#LSLCHAT yes, i am now chatting with my students as they do online economy and I am their tutor :)
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