PSI ethics: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Code of Conduct

CPD event sponsored by The Public Service Interpreting and Translation Network Group, The National Register of Public Service Interpreters and London Metropolitan University
Portuguese Interpreter in London @nrpsinterpreter

Interesting final presentation by Stephen Bishop, Executive Manager of the #NRPSI #PSITNGethicsCPD

09/11/2013 17:41:01 WIB
Candelaria Reymundo @interpretin2

Thank you @MIRAS_UAB for sharing our #survey for interpreters working in health care! #PSITNGethicsCPD #1nt #research

09/11/2013 16:11:47 WIB

Encuesta para intérpretes “@interpretin2: We want to contrast your opinions with those of doctors! #PSITNGethicsCPD

09/11/2013 13:58:46 WIB
danielle d'hayer @DDhayer

#PSITNGethicsCPD be proud to be #interpreters. Challenging times are new opportunities.

09/11/2013 05:33:27 WIB
danielle d'hayer @DDhayer

#PSITNGethicsCPD warmest thanks to all participants ambassadors speakers administrators technician. Continue on LinkedIn

09/11/2013 05:31:19 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

.@DDhayer every single #interpreting lesson at #londonmet is a mini #1nt assignment: students need to act professionally #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 23:23:23 WIB
Teresa Grau @teresa_grau

Impartiality, do you really understand what your role as an interpreter is? Katrina Mayfield reminds us #PSITNGethicsCPD #LondoMetUni.

08/11/2013 23:21:41 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

.@DDhayer: ethics is taught but not assessed at academic level. Its application requires reflection #1nt #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 23:17:50 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

.@DDhayer: every single stage of interpreters development is important #1nt #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 23:15:54 WIB
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Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

.@DDhayer's closing remarks: dialogue and reflection, visibility vs invisibility should be what we take away today #1nt #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 23:14:19 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

NRPSI regulates complaints procedure in a timely manner. Aims at redeeming practitioners, not punish, and protect public #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 22:47:25 WIB
Candelaria Reymundo @interpretin2

#1nt services users-professional #interpreters collaboration is crucial. #freedomfromtorture inspired our presentation #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 22:34:13 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

Attachment b/w client and #interpreter in torture situations allows relationships to be built. For #1nt it can be a burden #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 22:24:24 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

Crucial cooperation b/w #interpreters and practitioners in difficult situations (torture). The interpreter is visible #1nt #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 22:20:17 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

The ability to listen and take in the depth of story is key when interpreting for torture survivors #roemmele #1nt #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 22:15:00 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

Sometimes interpreters think what might be better for their client #roemmele #1nt #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 22:10:59 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

Main support system: being in therapy (for therapists) so that you can be open to other people stories #1nt #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 22:07:57 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

Caroline Roemmele and Clarisa Carvalho on how to work with torture survivors #1nt #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 22:05:02 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

#Professionalism in #interpreting: how do you dress? Formal? Smart casual? Tip: if they can't remember you, you got right #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 21:58:02 WIB
Trans_Int at Ldn Met @LondonMet_TI

Integrity in #interpreting: doing things ethically even if you are not being watched #1nt #xl8 #PSITNGethicsCPD

08/11/2013 21:53:09 WIB
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