Webinar - Continuous Professional Development and Twitter

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) takes place in online communities and networks. Twitter is a platform where good practice, ideas and resources can be shared easily. Living Schools Lab is providing a webinar to learn more about how to use Twitter effectively for CPD. Fred Boss is an Irish educator who organises every week a one hour Twitter chat discussion called #edchatieRead More
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fboss @fboss 13/11/2013 02:52:23 WIB
About to start the LSL webinar on Twitter & CPD ina few minutes. Will also be using this hashtag #LSLTwitter if you want to say hi #edchatie
Natasa Ljubic Klemse @NatasaLJK 13/11/2013 02:57:44 WIB
Webinar about @twitter with @BartVerswijvel and @fboss #LSLTwitter I'll be adding in #edchatie <- the one for Irish educators
dorothy @dorocas 13/11/2013 03:07:10 WIB
Educating myself with twitter by the inspirational Fred Boss #LSLTwitter #edchatie
Gránia Walsh @GraniaWalsh 13/11/2013 03:07:43 WIB
@fboss credited with changing @BartVerswijvel's CPD life with #edchatie - #LSLTwitter chats will take place every 2nd Mon.
Arjana Blazic @abfromz 13/11/2013 03:08:38 WIB
Educating means sharing, integrating and respodning - @fboss #lsltwitter #edchatie
Sarah-Jayne Carey @sjayc 13/11/2013 03:09:31 WIB
@sjayc Sarah-Jayne carey, secondary school teacher and ICT co-ordinator in Ireland #LSLTwitter
Anne White @AinedeFaoite 13/11/2013 03:09:46 WIB
@sjayc: Just about to start twitter webinar with @fboss #LSLTwitter #edchatie” enjoy I'm off to the cinema!
Karin @karinwhooley 13/11/2013 03:14:34 WIB
#LSLTwitter @fredboss #edchatie Really like Your idea, Fred, of tweeting as part of the learning. AT EUN webinar
Sarah-Jayne Carey @sjayc 13/11/2013 03:14:58 WIB
#LSLTwitter #edchatie Twitter for back channelling. Learning to use twitter for Cpd and more@fboss
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