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Being aware of what is to come is essential to live comfortably. Do you have a financial cushion ready?
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Ignored – putting the I into SIPP?: Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) are being managed improperly by two ... http://t.co/dEAGy3JU

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Two in three DIY pensions are left to fail: Self Invested Personal Pensions (Sipps) have been dubbed Self 'Ignor... http://t.co/7eGXlsro

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URL t.co Self-Invested Personal Pensions | Finance and Investing Principles Summary of SIPPs - Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) versus Stakeholder Pensions You will find many commonalities between Self-Invested Personal Pension

During lunchtime it is sometimes interesting to listen to/hear the next table conversation.

There was a funny misunderstanding linked to SIPP.

A jargon word/acronym which could lead to 2 different subjects.

To sip or sipp.

The first one is a word - actually a verb to sip: to drink in small quantities.

The second is related to something slightly more complicated and part of the financial world: Self Invested Personal Pension.

As Adam & Company mentions it clearly online:

"...an investment management service for Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPS) dealing with many of the main UK pension providers...."

Pensions are too often disregarded. Same things as Wills and Testaments.

But it is important to think ahead and SIPPs offer a wider/more flexible choice of investment assets than other pensions.

Current workers need to think now about their future lives - planning ahead is the best way to avoid hassle when it is time to sit down and relax after so many years of hard labour.

Significant numbers of investors are failing to maximise the potential of their Sipps with only 37pc of people saying they had enough time to devote them - source: Telegraph

URL www.adambank.com SIPPS - Investments - Adam & Company Our SIPPs offer the ultimate in flexible pension schemes, with both investment and withdrawal options which can be customised to match your individual needs.


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