#edchatie Number 107

A weekly discussion by Irish educators. The topic was a long one and so was broken into three separate parts and discussed across the #edchatie hour in that way "1. What is the best way of delivering CPD for #jcreform? 2. Will all subject have equal resources? 3. How will teachers be trained to teach new courses?" Mon 4th Nov, 2013.
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fboss @fboss
Google in Education - Dublin 2013 #gafesummit Catch up with what went on -> http://t.co/MYOX7839SN #edchatie
fboss @fboss
Tonight's #edchatie topic has been decided & it's a long one, so here it is over 3 tweets...(1/3)
fboss @fboss
Tonight's #edchatie topic - part 1: What is the best way of delivering CPD for #jcreform (1/3)
fboss @fboss
Tonight's #edchatie topic - Part 2: and will all subject have equal resources?
fboss @fboss
Tonight's #edchatie topic - Part 3: How will teachers be trained to teach new courses? (3/3) See you online from 8.30-9.30pm (Irish time)
LangTeachersIreland @LangTeachersIre
Tonight's #edchatie topic is about 3 issues: 1. The best way of delivering CPD for #jcreform 2.Will all subjects... http://t.co/vREGWtrgmh
Irish Education News @IrishEducation
Don't forget #edchatie happens every Monday 20:30-21:30. Join in the discussion with Irish Educators.
Fintan O'Mahony @levdavidovic
New blogpost, relevant, I think for tonight's #edchatie: Education and Industrial Relations http://t.co/ZwU0Eqi9Hv #astiaction
Peter Lydon @peter_lydon
#gtie Gifted Ed Chat Tues 8.30pm GMT-Topic=“The Ups and Downs of the Creative Gifted child” #gtchat #gifteded #gtvoice #edchatie @tbbrwn
fboss @fboss
Welcome to tonight's #edchatie discussion - however, as usual, before we begin, please introduce yourself first
Sandra Ní Dhubhda @dhubhda
@fboss #edchatie. Sandra Special Class Teacher in school that caters for up to 16 year olds!
Karen McCarthy @Dazzlld
Hi all, Karen, parent following along tonight #edchatie
fboss @fboss
@eoinstweets Hi Eoin, tonight's #edchatie is just starting if you want to take part
Dr Emer Nowlan @emernowlan
Hi all. Long time no tweet. Will be dipping in and out. #edchatie
fboss @fboss
Don't forget to include the hashtag #edchatie in all of your tweets for the discussion for the next hour
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