Blogger asks if there is a gay rights movement in Egypt

A prominent Egyptian blogger asks on Twitter "Is there a gay rights movement in Egypt?" These were some of the worst of the responses which, sadly, completely overwhelmed the small number of reasonable and thoughtful responses. Blog post about this here:
LGBT Egypt
Sarrah Abdelrahman @sarrahsworld
Discussing with the students freedom and homosexuality... Interesting points of view I'm seeing
Ahmed Omar @Ahmedomar79
@sarrahsworld oh no, please don't go there now, this can be used as a strong weapon against the revolution at this time.will come later.
هرم @OSteek
@sarrahsworld a very low class way to grape attention really i like your videos you do not need that:(
Ar Nazeh @ArNazeh
@sarrahsworld safe better than sorry >>> gays 3aaaaaaaaa no hell no
Fady Rizk @Fady_D
@sarrahsworld hahahahahahaahahah! stop trying to GRAPE attention Sarrah!
Ahmad Aboulfadl @ahmadfadl92
@sarrahsworld u gotta b kidden' me !! , liberalism should never conflict with the culture and the customs of its society (1)
Ahmad Aboulfadl @ahmadfadl92
@sarrahsworld we are living in an islamic society and guess wt ! the people of egypt are proud of that ! wake the hell up !! (2)
Ahmad Aboulfadl @ahmadfadl92
@sarrahsworld you can't for example ask the american pple to apply shari3a laws! (3)
Ar Nazeh @ArNazeh
@sarrahsworld take it easy ,, gayness in egypt is worse than prostitution .. respect that
Sarrah Abdelrahman @sarrahsworld
Is sexual preferences a mAtter of culture? RT"@moh_elhelow: @sarrahsworld Yup...because its a different culture!"
@sarrahsworld I truly hope not! If the gays want a "movement" may I suggest moving to the US, Europe, or better, Lebanon where it's the norm
Hussein Khalifa @hkhalifa
@sarrahsworld try to priorities ya sara. Don't think this is what's missing in egypt
Whoz_sane @Desposer
@sarrahsworld Yes its true we live in a part of the world where homosexuality isnt acceptable, its a cultural thing, and always will.
Amr Bassiouny @AmrBassiouny
@sarrahsworld lol, unfortunately, some people just never left egypt to discover the world, forgive them. @moh_elhelow
MOE @moh_elhelow
@sarrahsworld first of all u must determine the Normal sexual preference and the AB-NORMAL one! after that your Brain and heart will lead u
@sarrahsworld @moh_elhelow I can tell you i`m with them to get proper physcalogical treatment
MOE @moh_elhelow
هرم @OSteek
@sarrahsworld @moh_elhelow i don't agree wth you not in all cases in gays issues it can be some psychological problem or hormonal problem
Sarrah Abdelrahman @sarrahsworld
Getting lots of "not the right time". I'm not supposed to raise a controversial question unless I think it's a priority for every egyptiAn?
Ahmad Aboulfadl @ahmadfadl92
@sarrahsworld u know wt! just keep living n ur own shell ! , plzz for god's sake give a visit to the real egypt and c wt the ppl really want
mohammed s. elmahdy @kalamfeshenk
@sarrahsworld homosexuality is not important for every egyptian or priority because it's against the human nature, and it's against religion
shehab Sayedahmed @_F0G_
@sarrahsworld Thank god, Egyptians are very religious people :) & homo is forbiden in islam and christianity.So the Q is smhow out of place
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