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@jack as future #Apple CEO?

The news of Twitter's intimate integration into iOS 5 has prompted a flurry of speculation that Steve Jobs may be rearing Jack Dorsey as an heir to the Apple throne. Collected below is some of the juiciest speculation on the topic. Please add your own Tweets and sound off in the comments section below!
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Brian S Hall @brianshall
Is Steve Jobs grooming Jack Dorsey as Apple CEO? http://bit.ly/lPoVcU
Dave Kasper @dkasper
Is Twitter integration into iOS Apple courting @jack to join them? Future CEO perhaps? #halfjoking
Matt Mireles @mattmireles
Prediction: Apple buys Twitter + Square. Jack Dorsey named as Steve Jobs successor. cc @jack
Anil Dash @ 🏠 @anildash
A smart friend just suggested Apple buying @Square & @Twitter to set up @Jack as successor to Steve. Not likely, but definitely interesting!
Chris Ackermann @chris_ackermann
How many people are going to try & act witty & predict @jack will be the next CEO of Apple? Seen at least 3 people tweet this in last hour.
⚖️ Laura Fitton (she/her) @Pistachio
I guess I'm not crazy. Brian S Hall suggested the @jack as Jobs successor thing 3 days ago http://t.co/EWnyycN
Brian Snyder @briansny
@chris_ackermann does mine count if it was a retweet? definitely wasn't an original thought... probably your point :)
Chris Ackermann @chris_ackermann
@briansny Ha, nope! Just referring to people passing the idea off as their own. Not buying they all came up with it suddenly. #copycats
⚖️ Laura Fitton (she/her) @Pistachio
I was shy about making such a wild (and truly, very sad) prediction as Apple buying Square & Twitter and Jack one day succeeding Steve Jobs
⚖️ Laura Fitton (she/her) @Pistachio
but it's an interesting thought that others have definitely had too.
Anthony Akin @a_akin
@Pistachio I hope your prediction is wrong! @twitter & @foursquare need to stand on their own. I dig @apple but not on this!!
⚖️ Laura Fitton (she/her) @Pistachio
.@a_akin not @foursquare. @square. I hope it's wrong mainly because it's so very sad and somber to talk succession.
Anthony Akin @a_akin
@Pistachio thx, that is a bit of relief! I get tired of companies trying to grow market share while taking their focus off their core bizz


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