OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013 photos

OpenStack Summit Hong Kong 2013 photos November 5-8, 2013 Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong
Team Metacloud @metacloudinc

Good Morning, #OpenStack Hong Kong attendees! Make sure to stop by the Metacloud booth. We'd love to hear from you!

05/11/2013 06:08:23 WIB
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Mark Collier 柯理怀 @sparkycollier

Less than 2 hours until show time at the Openstack summit in Hong Kong.

05/11/2013 06:10:10 WIB
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lalou ramos @lalouramos

All roads lead to #AsiaWorld Expo #Hong Kong today for the @OpenStack Summit! Watch @pacnet demo NaaS at 6:30pm.

05/11/2013 06:47:51 WIB
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Joe Arnold @joearnold

Early morning @SwiftStack team briefing for HK OpenStack Summit

05/11/2013 07:02:16 WIB
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HPE Developer Community @HPE_DevCom

Be sure to visit the #hp booth at #openstack summit for cool lanterns and shirts and ...

05/11/2013 07:08:24 WIB
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Evan Powell @epowell101

Lots of energy at @OpenStack opening. Waiting for dancing Lions. Met 4 friends here so far.

05/11/2013 07:39:56 WIB
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Sean Kerner @TechJournalist

Huge keynote hall in Hong Kong, easily the biggest yet for #openstack

05/11/2013 07:43:12 WIB
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Jeramiah Dooley @jdooley_clt

Got a good seat for the #OpenStack keynote, looking forward to it!

05/11/2013 07:43:34 WIB
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mckelvey @joelmckelvey

Crazy busy @openstack summit HK! Visit us @netapp stand in the quad.

05/11/2013 07:44:17 WIB
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Chris Kenyon @ChrisKenyonEU

New #Redhat #Openstack logo looks suspiciously like the #Ubuntu logo. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;-)

05/11/2013 07:44:23 WIB
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Paul Villacorta @superpaul

Whew! Glad we checked in early yesterday. Now openstackers are building up the energy! #openstack

05/11/2013 07:48:02 WIB
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Roman Podoliaka @rpodoliaka

OpenStack Summit 2013 is about to begin

05/11/2013 07:48:42 WIB
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