Ion World 2013 (#ionworld2013)

A scientific forum about Ion semiconductor sequencing & applications in basic and clinical research, including cancer research Plenary sessions, workshops and poster session covering: Gene panel sequencing Aneuploidy assessment in reproductive genetics research Microbial & infectious disease research Read More
biology NEXT conference generation sequencing
Ion Torrent @iontorrent
#ionworld2013 William Straus is set to discuss his cancer research and work with the Cancer HotSpot panel
QIAGEN Bioinformatics @QIAGENBiox
Are you attending #IonWorld2013? Stop by the Ingenuity Systems booth 2 and learn how to analyze your genomics data!
5AM Solutions @5amsolutions
Are you going the Ion World 2013 User Group Meeting ? Let us know - #IONWORLD2013
Ion Torrent @iontorrent
Celebrate scientific breakthroughs: Award will be presented at #ionworld2013 See finalists
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Ion Torrent @iontorrent
Calling all Students! Join us at #ionworld2013 ... For free! October 21-22. More information at
Enzymatics, Inc. @EnzymaticsInc
Enzymatics will be at #ionworld2013 on Oct 21-22. Hope to see you there!
Seven Bridges @SevenBridges
Putting the finishing touches on our poster for #IonWorld2013. Comparing four methods for aligning RNA-Seq data from the Ion Proton.
Ion Torrent @iontorrent
It's not too late, there is open registration at #ionworld2013, Are you in Boston early for ASHG? Join us Oct. 21-22
jason affourtit @topoisomerase
still lots of work to get done but starting to get excited for #ionworld2013 and #ASHG2013 next week! @iontorrent
Ion Torrent @iontorrent
Gen. of high-affinity DNA aptamers using an expanded genetic alphabet- 1 of 5 pubs up for Brkthru award #ionworld2013
5AM Solutions @5amsolutions
Going to #IonWorld2013? Want to meet us there? Let us know here!
Traina Design @TrainaDesign
Getting excited as we set up for #ionworld2013 at the @WestinWatrFront. Event graphics are looking good!
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⚗️Dale Yuzuki @DaleYuzuki
#ionworld2013 in Boston ready to start. And BGI announces a purchase of 37 Ion Protons | Yahoo Finance
Orli Bahcall @obahcall
Today: At #WCPG2013 #DiscoSympASHG #IonWorld2013 Tomorrow #Kiddsymp & other pre #ASHG2013 meetings. My Google calendar looks like a rainbow
Eric Vennemeyer @evennemeyer
#ionworld2013 is about to start- Registration is very busy with many hundreds of researchers!
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Ion Torrent @iontorrent
Join us at 12:15pm to hear Eric Topol's keynote address on the Breakthroughs in Sequencing and the Future of Health Care #ionworld2013
Ashley Van Zeeland @Ashley_VanZ
Room starting to fill up for @EricTopol keynote at #ionworld2013 ... Looking forward to a great kickoff for the week!
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