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God Bless the 2 Hour Delay

Student denizens of Twitter rejoice in two extra hours to sleep, goof off, and in general avoid their usual morning responsibilities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8GzgM1nFzY
WS/FC Schools @wsfcs

WS/FCS will have a 2-hour delay on Friday, Dec. 17.

17/12/2010 09:20:44 WIB
『Daniella』 @Pastenthetime

Two hour delay!! Excuse mr while I sleep for another glorious 2 hours

17/12/2010 17:08:16 WIB

2 HOUR DELAY!!! Back to sleep for me!

17/12/2010 17:08:44 WIB
Jab $ @Button_Bullets

2 hour delay = no school... back to sleep

17/12/2010 17:09:57 WIB

*yawn* 2 hour delay...back to sleep.

17/12/2010 17:14:44 WIB
Golden1 @tryanlaila

YES!!! 2 hour delay! Back to sleep I go!

17/12/2010 17:16:11 WIB

2 hour delay aint gonna do a thing for me ugh, whatever,back to sleep.

17/12/2010 17:26:50 WIB
Darla Hongmanivanh @DarlaHongmizzy

2 hour delay...was really hoping for school closing. Well atleast I get to sleep more

17/12/2010 17:30:54 WIB
Chino_INC. @B_PortierW26

Yes 2 hour delay get to sleep in for a bit

17/12/2010 17:32:49 WIB
♥♥ @andshespretty

2 hour delay means no school for me! Back to sleep I go #adios

17/12/2010 17:33:07 WIB

2 hour delay bitchesss..then no school ahah

17/12/2010 17:36:06 WIB

Suck a dick 2 hour delay, I'm not going

17/12/2010 17:37:42 WIB

2-Hour delay folks! Go back to sleep!

17/12/2010 17:40:30 WIB
sky 🏀 @youngchefcloudy

2 hour delay? Really? Just cancel school already.

17/12/2010 17:43:03 WIB

2 hour delay. So tired. Going to sleep :P

17/12/2010 17:44:34 WIB
montrez 2’s mom @tinyliontamer

Eff you Harford County Public Schools. You couldn't give us a 2 hour delay or anything?

17/12/2010 17:50:50 WIB
JustSayDom @DomLikeToretto

2 Hour Delay!... Now goin back to sleep

17/12/2010 17:50:50 WIB
JudgeYaMuva @_true2me_

2 hour delay for PG County schools

17/12/2010 17:51:22 WIB
Danny @hssnd_noh

just a 2 hour delay but they need to close PG forever smh.

17/12/2010 17:52:32 WIB
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