2 June: Zainab Al-Khawaja on the situation in #Bahrain

Hours after Al-Jazeera English's Twitter Dashboard was launched, which showed us clearly that #Bahrain is the most tweeted in MENA atm, Zainab Al-Khawaja aka @angryarabiya finally came back on Twitter. @AJE's Twitter Dashboard: http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/interactive/2011/03/20113108250282747.html

Urgent, Zainab Alkhawaja (@angryarabiya), who went on a hunger strike, has been summoned to the police station tmrw at 6pm #bahrain #jun1

02/06/2011 00:04:09 WIB
blank @A_Mahdi_K

@maryamalkhawaja Last thing we heard about Zainab Al-Khwaja was when she was on hunger strike , how's she ?

02/06/2011 00:27:13 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

Big Salamz to all of you great people out there, & THANK YOU for being by my side today :D

03/06/2011 03:04:29 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

last time I saw my father, in court, he said they had threatened him and told him they had a case ready against me.

03/06/2011 03:05:51 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

they also told him, if theres going to be any dialogue then @maryamalkhawaja & @NABEELRAJAB need to stop what they're doing

03/06/2011 03:06:42 WIB

a shout-out to my brothers and sisters in #yemen: stay strong we are all with u!

03/06/2011 04:45:51 WIB

and to #syria: your courage and bravery gives me hope.. praying freedom comes to you soon

03/06/2011 04:49:46 WIB

Dr. Sadiq Jaffar (Pediatrician) has been more than 40 days his wife still didn't receive a call ! #bahrain

02/06/2011 13:51:35 WIB

Acts of harassment and intimidation against Messrs. Abdulla Alderazi and Essa Al-Ghayeb - http://t.co/BB2o9et #bahrain #fidh #bhn #feb14

02/06/2011 15:32:15 WIB

Amnesty International:Bahrain: Harassment of human rights defenders must end http://goo.gl/FyQ0R #bahrain #feb14 #bhn #humanrights

03/06/2011 05:03:25 WIB

A lot of Bahraini people has been expelled from their jobs bcuz they were unable to travel to KSA through king Fahad causeway #bahrain #bhn

03/06/2011 05:15:05 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I went today expecting the worse... wearing 2 tops for the beating I was expecting. :)

03/06/2011 03:21:16 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I entered the police station with Mary on my right and my lawyer on my left, but two minutes later was separated form them lol

03/06/2011 03:23:50 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

A police woman asked me "Are we that scary that u brought some1 from human rights with u" I laughed & said "Nop, ur not scary @ all"

03/06/2011 03:24:34 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I think it was them who were afraid to see Mary from frontline there with me :)

03/06/2011 03:25:33 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

I sat waiting in a room with 6 or 7 police for an hour, Mary came to say bye cuz she had to leave, 2 minutes later i was called

03/06/2011 03:26:39 WIB
angry arabiya @angryarabiya

As soon as I got into the lieutenants room she asked me "Were you in any of the protests that were without permits"

03/06/2011 03:31:18 WIB
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