Red Wedding

Reaksi fans setelah nonton adegan Red Wedding (S03E09) Komentar GRRM tentang reaksi fans Shock value 110%
RED grrm castamere wedding
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Red Wedding. Watch with caution. You've been warned. #TheRainsofCastamere
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
@apoiaf my nitpicking: why Blackfish was there? I miss the other Stark and Tully bannermen. Looked like a private party.
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Best scene in #TheRainsofCastamere : when the band started playing the song. Most chilling.
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
RIP Smalljon Umber, Dacey Mormont, Robin Flint, Owen Norrey and Ser Wendel Manderly. #justsaying #therainsofcastamere
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Episode #TheRainsofCastamere bakal jadi episode yang bikin makin cinta sama ASOIAF.
Michelle Fairley @RealMsFairley
Can't say thank you enough GoT fans. Love to you all .Overwhelmed from all the heartfelt tweets. Was truly a wonderful experience. MF xx
lena headey @IAMLenaHeadey
I cried. Michelle Fairley is one of my favorite actors to watch. She is so present . That howl for her son ripped through..
Kyle Maddock @kylemaddock
My favorite thing about all these RW reaction videos is you can easily tell the book readers from the show watchers. #GameofThrones
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Ahem. Apa kabar bannermen? Pada masih syok karena episode kemarin kah?
Tia @adit_adit
*ah diingetin lagi* (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ RT @iceandfire_indo: Ahem. Apa kabar bannermen? Pada masih syok karena episode kemarin kah?
Aditya Hakim @mafiosoul
Masih. Sampe nggak nafsu makan nih :( RT @iceandfire_indo: Ahem. Apa kabar bannermen? Pada masih syok karena episode kemarin kah?
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Jadi, tiap nonton #GameofThrones perlu ingat kutipan ini: "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
*Pukpuk* RT @nailafzv: Shock gak krn udh baca, tp tetep, tangan dingin, nangis ngeliat *sensor* "Pd masih syok karena episode kemarin kah?"
Westeros Philippines @WesterosPH
Bran and Rickon's parting, though not as intended in the books, is just as painful to watch, if not moreso. #TheRainsofCastamere
telordadar @telordadar
@iceandfire_indo And so he spoke, and so he spoke, that Lord of Castamere, But now the rains weep o'er his hall, with no one there to hear.
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Just in case ada yg ga nyadar, pemeran Lord Walder Frey, David Bradley, juga pernah memerankan Argus Filch di film2 Harry Potter.
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Teman kantor lagi nonton tiba2 teriak 'APA APAAN NIH? KOK BEGINI??' Ekspresinya priceless bgt. So,sebaiknya jgn ntn di kantor nanti pd kaget
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Tuh kan! RT @allirpe2: hahaha td gue nonton di kantor. Temen kantor gue bingung liat muka gue berubah dari mau nangis,puzzled, sampe nganga
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Haha yoi RT @milazuliana: Reaksi2 yang di youtube kocak2 deh, min, apalagi yang cewek sampe geletakan di lantai pake selimut :))
Westeros Indonesia @WesterosID
Hayo temen2nya disuruh ntn trus direkam "Game of Thrones: Red Wedding Reactions Compilation" on YouTube -
Winter is Coming @WiCnet
I'm still not tired of watching #RedWedding reaction videos. This one is great. Love the guy's comments at the end.
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