Does getting more sleep at night really keep you from gaining weight?

Gaining weight lately? Word has it that sleep loss causes weight gain. Everyone is talking about it. Don't be the last person to start sleeping enough for weight loss.
LoraineStene @LoraineStene

Getting Plenty Of Sleep Is Essential To Weight Loss

16/10/2013 12:04:24 WIB

Christina's Weight Loss Tips: if you're hungry, just go to sleep.

16/10/2013 11:17:43 WIB
Bilal Siddiqui @bsidd95

Freshman 15 doesn't exist for me haha. I've actually loss weight from stress, not eating enough, and not getting enough sleep :(

16/10/2013 10:11:34 WIB
Gibson Goff @gibgoff

From confidence to health to luck to weight loss, you can change it all with Sleep Programming

16/10/2013 09:37:01 WIB
Health Detox @H_detox

Weight Loss and Sleep - Their Interconnected Relationship

16/10/2013 13:00:02 WIB
Martin Nicholson @MartinNicholso2

Lack of vitamin D. You can fix that by going outside more. Not getting enough sleep doesn't help you get more sun.

16/10/2013 13:13:56 WIB
jennifer pasanski @pasanski

I am loving that our focus is sleep this week in our weight loss accountability group! Sweet dreams!!! 󾭙󾰴󾭙

16/10/2013 08:02:58 WIB
Sean Panuncialman @SeanPanunu

One of the side effects of my migraine medicine is sleep insomnia. And another is weight loss. I don't know what to feel...

16/10/2013 07:29:41 WIB
Natural Health AI @NaturalHealthAI

A new study of more than 80,000 people explores the connection between #sleep and weight loss/ weight gain.

16/10/2013 07:20:28 WIB
Achievement @achievement

Further proof that sleep and weight loss go hand in hand via @fitsugar:

16/10/2013 03:34:03 WIB
Primal Chicken @primalchicken

@PrimalJoyFoods @paleohour It's brilliant isn't it. I sleep better, less moody, clear skin, weight loss, now love asparagus #paleohour

16/10/2013 02:39:28 WIB
Jay Jacobsen @Jay_Jacobsen

Sleep Hormone Melatonin Linked to Weight Loss, Heart Disease Prevention via @BeforeItsNews

16/10/2013 03:04:17 WIB

Lack of sleep on HCG can cause slow weight loss. Make sure to get at least 8 hours per night on the HCG Diet.

16/10/2013 01:03:51 WIB
Creekview Dental @HaagDentist

Sleep and Weight Loss: Not Enough Sleep = More Pounds Packed On - Natural Health Advisory

16/10/2013 01:26:06 WIB
Tips and Tricks @TricksTips95

Be positive throughout your weight loss journey, sleep 8 hours, work out, drink water, don't snack, eat more veggies and fruits, that simple

16/10/2013 01:02:05 WIB
Yung Twap Lord @PetMyLlama

Didn't want to get up today but weight loss dont happen in your sleep! #SeizeTheDay #Faceass

15/10/2013 23:37:34 WIB
Vivafit Abu Dhabi @VivafitAbuDhabi

Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a night to ensure optimal weight loss - go catch your zzz's!

16/10/2013 00:25:13 WIB
. @empanadas4all

Getting enough sleep is a critical part of weight loss. It restores energy levels and increases growth hormone levels. #FitTip

15/10/2013 02:02:40 WIB
Gina Jenkins-Elmore @gina_ohio

Sleep is an important part of health and weight loss !! ****************************************** I would like...

15/10/2013 07:59:22 WIB
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