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A small thoughts on how should we determine and planning our vision after graduated from college.
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

Selamat malam tweeps! Nasib malam minggu sendirian, sedikit kultwit tentang mau-kemana-lo-setelah-lulus-kuliah boleh lah ya. Sila disimak :)

12/10/2013 19:22:57 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

So I was having an insightful discussion with my father regarding to what-are-you-gonna-do-after-being-a-bachelor stuffs. Tadi siang.

12/10/2013 19:23:59 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

The profession you are going to choose defines what you should prioritize and pursue, he said. Thus our fruitful discussion began.

12/10/2013 19:24:50 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

Fundamentally, profession is classified into three capacities: Practitioner, Academician, and Bureaucrat. These capacities define the jobs.

12/10/2013 19:25:51 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

If you choose to be a Practitioner, then having a practical job at a company (for money) is the legit answer to the said question.

12/10/2013 19:26:14 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

Working for a company, entrepreneur; if you think that your current capacity is open for businesses and will develops by time. #Practitioner

12/10/2013 19:26:26 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

Then, if you choose to be an Academician, pursuing the great knowledge in your field shall be your main priority. Go continue your study.

12/10/2013 19:26:41 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

It is all about knowledge: conducting research, continuing to grad school, participating in field-related forums, jadi Dosen. #Academician

12/10/2013 19:27:17 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

Lastly, if it is being a Bureaucrat you choose, then you should not forget that there is a lot of people depend on and trusting you.

12/10/2013 19:27:56 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

The field are such where you need to govern: managerial, leadership, social groups; it is a social system you're dealing with. #Bureaucrat

12/10/2013 19:28:12 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

However, the field of #Bureaucrat is a bit tricky though. It could be resembling the field of both #Practitioner and #Academician.

12/10/2013 19:28:35 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

After all, everything depends on your choose: whether you wanted to be a #Practitioner, #Academician, or #Bureaucrat in vision.

12/10/2013 19:28:53 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

Being a #Practitioner first, then later on an #Academician? How about being all of them at once? Nah loh bingung gimana jawabnye.

12/10/2013 19:29:19 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

Bro, we're a human being, of each has our own capacities. I suggest us to choose condong kemana kitanya so that we'll have a clear vision.

12/10/2013 19:29:57 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

Because #YOLO life's short and you're not gonna live forever. #LOL Anyway, keep in mind not to take this classification too orthodoxical.

12/10/2013 19:30:29 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

I thought these #kultwit could ease us in determining and planning better where should we go after graduated so, hope these enlighten us :)

12/10/2013 19:31:04 WIB
Taris Hirzi Iman @Hirziiman

(akibat contemplating berlebihan ketika tersadar sudah semester tujuh dan sudah mau lulus)

12/10/2013 19:33:53 WIB


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