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Google Launches Maps 5.0 for Android #android

The next generation of mobile maps - Official Google Mobile Blog Google Launches Maps 5.0 for Android Read More
Google Mobile @GoogleMobile

Introducing Google Maps 5.0 for Android with 3D and offline features! Check it out:

17/12/2010 00:43:40 WIB

reduard @vsxed

Two-finger-rotation not working in #Google #Maps #5 on your #Motorola #Milestone? Push this to etc/permissions/ and reboot

17/12/2010 17:26:55 WIB
Paul Cash @paul_cash3

Why yes, I would love Google Maps 5.0! Hehe

17/12/2010 17:29:19 WIB
Charlotte Ryall @missryall

wow, makes me want to get an android device just for the amazing new 3D Google maps. Do you think we'll all have it soon?

17/12/2010 17:35:01 WIB
Antonio Robres @twiindan

google maps 5.0 with offline characteristics and 3d models!

17/12/2010 17:35:28 WIB
james @killrfillr

Google Maps 5.0 features 3D view and offline rerouting - now available in Android Market

17/12/2010 17:53:39 WIB
Fredrik Duprez @FredrikDuprez

#Google #maps 5 caches map data on #HTC #Desire's already strained internal memory. #epicfail Why no app2SD support Google?

17/12/2010 17:50:08 WIB
DoNotFollowMe @8hollow8

Google Maps 5.0 hits Android, includes new 3D map view and offline Navigation

17/12/2010 17:49:30 WIB


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