Face yoga is not exercise it is a lifestyle

Here is what everyone is saying about face yoga and facial exercise. It is actually more popular than I thought. Talk about face exercise.
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Has. @Hasna__XO
I heard chewing gum is a good exercise for your face
now i'm bout to go and exercise my face off
Wendy Wai Teng @WAITENGG
Have been laughing too much these days. Good facial exercise.
Lol, I'm just laughing because.😂
gaelyn @ewgaelyn
is there like a face exercise or something i can do to lose the fat in my cheeks kinda sick of looking 11
Is there an exercise to help you lose wright in your face? 😩 #SERIOUSTWEET
Marisa Andersen @MarisaAndersen
Just watched a video of some woman doing "face yoga"....she looked completely mental!!! Hahahahaha!!! http://t.co/OyXUbFFA65
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Amy Stretten @amystretten
I do this all of the time and probably look nuts: "Why We Should Exercise the Face as Much as the Body" http://t.co/W1N9HyI94u
Josieinthecity @josieinthecity
Beauty: Natural Beauty Tips for Women to Simply Slim Your Face – Diet Slism http://t.co/uxyor10S
Tina Richards @TinaRichardsLtd
Plus regular facial exercise will tighten and tone the facial muscles for a lifted more youthful face, also exciting the skin cells too x
daisywarrior @daisywarrior
Why not exercise your facial muscles by mixing and then drinking spirulina powder in cold water. Oh my very fuck, it's just not right.
DarenGilman @DarenGilman
If exercise makes your body look more toned and fit, why wouldn't facial exercises do the same for your looks?
Slism @SlismCom
Wish you could give yourself a facial in a minute, anywhere, anytime? Face yoga, gives you the moves. - Diet Slism http://t.co/K2VaFTYk
Danielle Collins @faceyogaexpert
Face Yoga to start the weekend. Tilt the head back and stick out the bottom lip. Hold for 2 breaths. http://t.co/tkliSZeU5F
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Ai⁷ @Siniful
This is supposed to be a "face slimmer exercise mouthpiece". *speechless* http://t.co/GpJLN9SkZs (via @twillian)


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